This is about Caitlin and her life so far.
(based on real events in her made up past)

As always, please please tell me what you think, Im always looking for feedback.x


2. Relationship Status- Rather not say

I sat down next to my friend Chloe, banging a muffin and water on the table in fornt of me with a little more force than I intended.

"Hey, whats up with you?" Chloe said, stirring her soup around in her bowl.

I sighed.  I'd been feeling like this for days. I shrugged.

"Its nothing." I replied.

Chloe turned to face me.

"This isnt about Harry is it?"

Shit, whys she so good at guessing my thoughts?

 Harry was my boyfriend. We'd met in first year and started dating only a few months ago. It didnt really work out in the end. We broke up a week ago.

Chloe pounced on my delayed reaction.

"Caitlin!! You said you were over him!"

I rubbed my forhead, frustrated, as Chloe tried to make eye contact.

"Look," she said, rubbing my shoulder. "I know he was your first and everything, but you have to move on! Hes moved on, and...."

I looked up.

"What does that mean?" I said suspisiously.

Chloe looked uncomfortable.

"I thought you knew, hes..uh.. with someone else now."

"What?" I shreiked, getting a few nervous glances from some first years down the table.

"Im sorry Caitlin, I thought you knew" she said, pulling me in for a hug.

I took it. I felt like crying. We only broke up a week ago! Is that even legal?

And as luck would have it, he walked in just at that moment.

Harry with his new girl.

I recognised the girl. I didnt know her name, but I'd seen her around school. She was small, with wavy brown hair and a passion for weird and colourful hats.

He'd picked her over me?

"Right, I'm leaving." I said suddenly, grabbing my bag and starting to stride down the rows of tables in the luch hall.

"Caitlin, come back!" I heard Chloe call after me.

I didnt look back.

The tears were already spilling down my cheeks.


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