This is about Caitlin and her life so far.
(based on real events in her made up past)

As always, please please tell me what you think, Im always looking for feedback.x


5. Relationship Status- Interested

We arrived at Shake about 8:30pm. Shake was a big nightlub on the edge of town, and really popular with all the senior kids in the area. I'd only really ever been once, but I'd hated the loud music and the hot dancefloor so I'd left pretty quickly. But tonight, I was loving it. Chloe and I got our hands stamped with the Shake logo, a little star with an S in the middle, and enterd the dancefloor.

"Ohmygod its PACKED!" Chloe yelled over the thumping music and the shouting kids.

"What did you expect?" I yelled back, scanning the room for some familiar faces.

There were loads of people I'd never seen before, probably from other schools.

Chloe tugged my arm and led me over to the bar.

Thats another thing people love about Shake. You dont need ID to drink booze.

"Chloe! Seriously?" I shouted, as Chloe asked for two vodka shots.

Chloe winked and smiled as the barman handed over the drinks, saying.

"Free tonight darlins, knock yourselvs out."

Chloe laughed, as she handed me a drink.

If her mum could see her now, she would be grounded until she was 60. Probably more.

"Okay Caitlin. On the count of three!" Chloe grinned.

"Chlo, Im not sure...."

"Aw come on Caitlin, just try it and if you dont like it, spit it out."

I rolled my eyes and gave a nod.

Chloe laughed.

"Okay, 1..2..3!"

We drank. There was a weird burning sensation as the alchahol slipped down my throat. But not unpleasant.

I grinned.

"There, happy now?" I teased.

"Yes, well done diddykins" Chloe shot back, discarding her glass on a small table.

"Now enough chit chat, lets do some dancing!"

I laughed, dumping my glass next to Chloe's and followed her to the dancefloor.


I collapsed down on a sofa.

We'd been dancing for ages, only stopped by going to get more drinks. I hadn't had many, but I think I was a little tipsy. I certainly felt a little fuzzy headed, but it was a nice feeling.

 Chloe was almost definatley drunk, and the last I'd seen her, she was dancing with a guy who looked as drunk as she was. Classy.

I slipped off my plimsole and rubbed the red mark which was starting to appear. I scanned thee room for any signs of Chloe and drunk dude.

And then I saw a guy looking at me.

 He was from another school, because I'd never seen him before.

 He was tall, with messy dark blonde hair.

His eyes were dark, but sparkly, and he gave me a small half smile when he saw me looking.

I felt my cheeks go a liitle pink, as a smiled back and ducked my head.

Oh my god, was he checking me out?

Argh, whens Chloe when you needed her?

I felt the sofa next to me sag a little.

I turned round, ready to give Chloe a piece of my mind.

Then I relised it was the guy who smiled at me.

I blushed, shutting my mouth which had been open ready to yell at Chloe.

"Hey." He said, flicking a piece of hair out his eye.

"Hi." I replied, fiddling with a thread coming from my jeans, still pink.

"Do you want to go somewhere quieter?" He said, standing up and holding out a hand to help me up.

Oh my god, what was happening?

I took his hand, and we walked to a side part of the club, where you could buy non alcaholic drinks. Obviously, it was deserted.

What the hell?







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