This is about Caitlin and her life so far.
(based on real events in her made up past)

As always, please please tell me what you think, Im always looking for feedback.x


3. Relationship Status- Broken Hearted

I wiped my eyes with some loo roll.

God, what was I doing? Crying like some 10 year old. And over a guy as well!

I unlocked the cubicle door and stepped in front of one of the crappy mirrors in the girls bathroom.

I looked like I'd been crying. Damn.

I splashed some luke-warm water on my face,


As I left the toilets, the bell rang, so I turned right and headed to the history department.

I sat at the back next to Chloe.

Perfect for talking.

  """ """ """ """" """" """"""

"Where were you? I looked everywhere." Chloe whisperd as Mr Duffy droned on about some war or something.

"I just had something to do, sorry." I whisperd.

Chloe gave me a look, knowing full well where I'd been, but left it there.

"You know Chlo, I was thinking....."

"Uh oh, thats a bad sign!"

"Shut up, I was thinking that maybe I should try getting another boyfriend. Move on properly, you know?"

Chloe looked at me, a little taken aback.

"Wow, good girlie! Are you sure?"

I thought about little hat girl, how Harry seemed so happy with her.

"Positive." I said firmly.

"Well, its free entry for under 18's at Shake on Saturday. Should be some guys there." Chloe whisperd thoughtfully, doodling a little heart on my jotter.

"Sounds great,"I said, rubbing it out almost imedeatley. "Lets do it."


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