Bite Me , Kill Me , Love Me

I was a normal girl , really. But that changed when I was bitten. My whole life changed. I changed. I'm a vampire now.


2. Who turned you?

I woke in the same spot I was when I passed out. Under the oak tree in the woods. Somehow , I felt stronger. I ran just in case the boy would come back. I was running really fast and everything was a blur. In a second , I was out of the woods and in the middle of the street. What? How did that happen? I ran again and reached the next street in a second. Whoa. I jumped and landed on top of a building. I hope this isn't a dream 'cuz I'm enjoying this. I jumped from building to building. Wow , this is fun. It feels so unreal. I jumped back on the street. I ran to an alley. I saw a boy holding a girl. He was biting her neck. She's suffering the nightmare that happened to me. Then I saw him throw the girl to a pile of...other girls. I stared in horror. He pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit up the girls. I ran away. He saw me and ran after me. He was running at the same pace as me but he was a tad bit faster. I jumped on a building and he followed. He grabbed me by the arm. "Didn't I just...?" he asked. "Who turned you?" he asked. I froze. It's him. The one who bit me. I tried to run away but he pulled me back. He pulled me by the waist and put me on his shoulders. I kicked and punched him but he didn't let go. He threw me inside a car and he drove. "You shouldn't do that , you know." he said. "Do what?" I asked , confused. "Show what you are." he said. "Show what I am?" I'm confused. "Yeah. A vampire." What? You've got to be kidding me. "No , I'm not kidding." he said. My eyes widened. Was he reading my mind? "Yeah. I am." he said. Okay , this is creeping me out. "Where are you taking me?" I asked. "Home." he said. "Home? You know where I live?" I asked , shocked. "No. Your new home." he said , his eyes still looking at the road. "New home? This is considered as kidnapping!" I screamed. The boy stayed silent and kept driving.


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