My New Life.

My life is terrible, my dad abuses me, my mum died, my brother moved to America. I had no one. I decided to run away from my dad and terrible things have happened to me ever since...


1. I Want This To Stop!

Kate's P.O.V


I hate life ever since my mum passed away, she was and still is my role model, I just wish I had a different dad. Ever since she passed away my dad has abused me to get his feelings for my mum out, it hurts, and the worst thing is I can't tell anyone. He doesn't let me out the house never mind have a phone, every night he goes out to the pub, gets drunk, comes back and hurts me, I just want a massive life change. Now.


I hear the door slamming, someone storming up the stairs, I'm scared! He's angry, I can tell by his facial expression, he has blood on his face, what has he done?!


"Move out of my fucking way you smelly ratty slut."


I fell to the ground, he pushed me and punched me like usual, I've came to the stage where I'm used to it everyday. But he called me a slut? I have no social life to even be a slut! I saw him on the internet, he was looking at a picture of 5 boys, I looked closely at what he typed in. One Direction. Why does he want the worlds biggest boy band on his screen? I'm sincereley scared, his actions could lead to killing someone, and if it's them boys then he'll get locked up for good! But I have to admit, they boys were amazingly hot. He better not kill any of them, or even attempt to.


I saw my dad walk back out. I waited until he left and I opened the window and climbed out, I obviously had a bag of clothes and money. I didn't care where I was going, I just ran to the furthest park I could think of, which was two hours away. I got to a bench, lay down and cried, it was half 11 at night, so nobody would be around, so I just fell asleep...



I woke up and a stranger was beside me, I couldn't see who it was because I just woke up, but I panicked in case it was 'him'. I rubbed my eyes, looked closely, it was one of the boys in 'One Direction' the boy band my dad looked up on the internet, he had amazing ocean coloured eyes and blonde hair, he was suprisingly cute.


Niall's P.O.V


She was beautiful, she was just sleeping there, peacefully on the bench, but why in a park? Does she have a home? I saw her wake up, she looked confused at first, I'm not sure if she knew who I am, but at least she's okay. 


"Hey, I know you from somewhere, your that boy in One Direction, right?"

"Yeah haha, don't shout it out too loud please, I'll get mobbed by fans again! Are you a fan?"

"No. I'm a human" She giggled.


Oh god her laugh was the cutest thing ever....


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