Hate or Love

Beca and her best friend Molly are moving to collage not to mention that they hate One Direction. On the way to there new collage there car breaks down and of course the loving 1D stops and help the girls they don't want there help but will one spiky haired change Beca's mind.....



1. A new start

Beca's P.O.V


Today is finally the day I'm going to collage with my best friend Molly. I have packed everything and now I get to spend one mor hour with my mum.

Almost time to go my mum says with a little bit of sadness.

Don't worry mum I'll call every day I say with sarcasm.

3:00am Molly should be here any minute now ding dong Molly's here I shout with excitement as I ran for the door I almost fell over. I opened the door and there stood my friend with her luggage and mum.


                      Half an hour later:)

We were starting to load my car with all are stuff and there was just enough room for Molly and I. What can I say us girls need a lot of stuff. We said good-bye to our loving mothers and started our 2 hour drive.

Im so excited Molly said basically screaming into my ear as I was driving up the highway. 


Molly's P.O.V

I'm now driving down highway with my best friend to our new collage I can't wait crack,puff,bang was the sounds the started to make we pulled over and got out to see that Beca's car had broken down.


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