The Last Escape


3. Chapter 3

That afternoon they made steadier progress, with Barcombe pushing Kilby in the barrow whenever walking got too much for him. It wasn’t as quick as Barcombe could have managed on his own, but it was good enough.


The footpath they were following opened out on to a country road. They were about to step on to the road, when the sound of a car engine could be heard getting louder. The two men just had time to duck behind the hedge before a grey Mercedes drove past.

“That was close,” Kilby commented as it vanished into the distance.

“Very,” Barcombe replied. “That was Kirchausen’s car.”


They rested a while to make sure the car was well away before continuing their journey.

“Better get going again,” Barcombe stated, “or we’ll never make it.”

“Give me a moment,” Kilby replied. “Whilst we’re behind a hedge I might as well make use of it…”

“Oh, come on!” Barcombe protested, and they were on their way again.


An hour later they rounded a bend in the road and came to a small traffic jam at a road block manned by two police officers. Barcombe and Kilby hid behind a tree.

“What’s he saying?” asked Kilby, referring to the larger of the two officers, who was speaking.

“Something about two escapees.”

“They’re on to us!” panicked Kilby.

Barcombe silenced him. A pick-up truck carrying a tarpaulined load stood at the head of the queue. Its driver undid the tailgate and the two officers looked under the tarpaulin then replaced it. They were about to move on to the next vehicle when the truck’s driver asked for directions. The three of them stood with their backs to the truck discussing the best route.

“That’s where we’re going,” said Barcombe. “Come on!”

Silently they crept up to the truck and hid under the covers. Barely had they done so when the truck driver fastened the tailgate and they were on their way.

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