Times up

when Scott bites his first victim he tries to keep himslef under control but when he falls for her her life is put in danger.


1. the club

"yo Scott"my friend ryan yelled as i walked into the club

"hey Ry"i yelled back as i walked over and doing the man hug.

the club was crowed.a liitle too crowed for a new vampire.yes im a vampire.

so i looked around noone caught my eye till she walked in,a young,about my aged,brown haird girl.she noticed me noticing her.her brown eyes locked in mine.

"earth to scott"ryan siad waving his hand in my face.

"what?....sorry i got distracted"i said now back in reality.

"i could tell"he laughed.

"ill be one sec"i said while walking away.


she sees me walking over.

"hi"her sweet voice like music to my ears.

"the names scott"i said taking her hand

"lacey nice to.." i cut her off kissing her passionatly.she didnt stop me.insted she puts her hands round my neck.i put mine round her waist.untill she pulls away heading for the dorr in the hope of leaving me behind

"good bye scott" her voice faint in my ear.i follow her out towards the ally.i sped to face her front.

"how'd you do that?"her scared voice is sexy.

"why did you leave?"i said ignoring her question

"i cant get close to you"

"and whys that"i said stepping closer to her

"i know what you are"

"so you know that im going to do this"i said as i grabed her and using my sharp fangs to perious her skin.

i could feel hr trying to scream but no sound left her mouth.her body became weak and lifeless.i decided to keep her alive so i picke her up bridel style and carried her home.

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