A Thousand Years

When Louis meets a girl, his life turns upside down and she changes him in ways that can't be explained. When an accident causes Louis to lose his memory, it is up to Angela and his friends to help him regain the memories that have been lost. In an attempt to help regain Louis' memory, he can only remember his past.


8. The Words

"Thanks for walking me home Louis." Angela smiled, giving me a kiss on the lips. I never wanted to leave her side, but I knew that I'd be seeing her again another day. "No problem." I smiled as soon as we pulled away. "Good night Angela." I added.

"Good night Louis." she smiled. She turned, then entered her house and closed the door behind her. Once the door closed, I put my hands into my pockets and walked back to the hotel. I entered the hotel room and this time the guys didn't bother to ask any questions about where I've been. They all had fallen asleep on the beds.


The next morning, the guys and I went to a place to eat breakfast. "What's the plan for today?" I asked the guys while we were eating our meals. They looked at each other and looked at me as if I were crazy or something. "Well, are you up for a CD signing?" Harry asked me.

"Yeah." I smiled.

We arrived at the place where the CD signing was held and there were so many fans waiting at the table. Girls from all ages lined up, most of them were screaming and others were crying. I had a chat with some of them while signing their CD. Some were able to speak to me, others could barely hold a conversation. All they said was: "Hi." and that was it.

Not only were we singing CDs, but things of all kinds too. Suddenly a book was placed in front of me and I looked to see who it was. "Hi Jess!" I smiled. Jessica flashed me a smile. "Hi Louis! I want to give this to my sister. It's for her birthday." she said.

"That's sweet of you." I signed the book and sent it down the line while I was still speaking to Jessica. Afterwards, we all took pictures with our fans and Jessica was the last girl to take a picture with us. She had the book in her hands. "Who drove you here?" I asked her.

"My daddy." she answered. Peter, her father, walked towards his daughter's direction. "Daddy, can Louis come to sissy's party?" she asked him. Jessica reminded me of Angela, a cute and smaller version of her. They had the same black hair and brown eyes. Their personality was the same. They were sweet girls and easy to talk to. "You're welcome to go, if you'd like." Peter smiled.

I smiled, "Sure, I'd love to."

"How are you doing with your memory?" he asked as Jessica ran over to the guys to talk to them. I shrugged, "I remember the little things. I still don't remember how the accident happened, but I do remember why I'm here. I'm also putting names and faces together."

"It's quite a long process. I heard Angela's quite fond of you." he said.

"Is that so?" I asked.

"Every once in a while, she comes by the office and tells me about you. From what I hear, you make her happy or that's what my wife says anyway." he laughs a bit. I laugh along with him and for once, I felt accepted by Angela's family. Her mother adores me, her father approves of me, and her sister loves me. "When and where is this party?" I asked him.

"Saturday at the Marriott Hotel. Dinner starts at 6pm." he said.

"Thanks." I smiled.

Peter called Jessica's name and the two bid us good bye before leaving. "I think she likes you Louis." Harry smirked.

"Jessica?" I asked him.

"She's your biggest fan and you're dating her sister." Liam said. It was true. I am dating her sister and I was in love with her sister.


That Saturday, the guys and I arrived at the Marriot Hotel before six. "You were the one invited. I don't see why we have to go." Harry said. I simply rolled my eyes as we entered the grand ballroom where the party was being held. "Maybe Angela could have some friends for us to meet." Zayn said.

While the guys were busy talking, I walked away and decided to look for Angela myself. "Are you looking for someone?" I heard a voice behind me as I turned around and saw it was Angela. She was wearing a beautiful dress, but she looked beautiful in everything she wore. "You look beautiful." I smiled.

She blushed, "Thanks. You look handsome." She glanced over my shoulder as I turned my head and saw the guys talking to a few girls. "I'd watch out for those girls if I were you." she said under her breath. "Why?" I asked, looking at her.

"Let's just say they'd like to have what's not theirs. You know, they like 'fresh meat.'" She looked down as I reached up and caressed her cheek. "I'm not going to leave your side. I'm yours and you know it." I smiled. She smiled and kissed my lips. She took my hand after the kiss and led me over to the table where her family was sitting. Harry joined us eventually while the other three sat with the girls.

"Why didn't you go sit with them?" Angela asked Harry as he sat down beside me.

"They're not my type." Harry said with a slight shrug. I silently laughed to myself knowing full well the kind of girls that Harry liked. He would flirt with as many girls as he wanted, but he hadn't found the right girl that caught his eye. "Maybe you've found a girl who's out of your league." Angela smirked.

"Oh, she's way out of my league." Harry had that playful smile on his face. I knew they were just playing with each other. I learned that they had become friends during the time that I was in a coma. I wasn't jealous. Yes, just keep telling yourself that Lou. I thought to myself.

We ate our dinner, then went out onto the dance floor. We all took turns dancing with Angela and Jessica. Mostly Jessica wanted to dance with me and so we danced together. After dancing, we went back to Angela's hotel room. Her parents and her sister were in another hotel room. I'm just glad Angela and I were alone.

"I'll open the presents later." she said as she began to take of her heels. I saw one present that was wrapped with a bow on it. On the front were the words:

"To: Angela

You are the best sissy in the world!
I love you!

From: Jessica"

"Open the one with the bow on it." I suggested as she looked over at it. She stood up, taking the wrapped present and went back to the bed. She began unwrapping it once she sat on the bed. I watched her unwrap the present and that made me want to pull the dress off of her. As she peeled back the wrapper, a smile spread across her face.

She opened the cover of the book that Jessica had gotten for her and read what was written. She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. She tossed the book the floor, wrapper and all as I reached behind her to unzip her dress. She got on top of me, kissing my lips. "Do you want to know what I've always wanted for my birthday?" she asked.

"What would that be?" I asked.

She smiled, "You."


"You're staring." I said the next morning. I heard Angela giggle as I opened my eyes and looked at her. "I was not." She was holding back a smile as I got on top of her, gently pinning her arms to the bed. "Oh, yes you were." I smiled.

"You're not getting anything out of me." she said. I raised an eyebrow and began tickling her as she let out a laugh. "Stop! Louis stop!" she squealed. I continued tickling her sides as she continued laughing. I loved the sound of her laugh. My day was finally complete. "Okay! I give in!" she smiled and I stopped tickling her.

I smiled triumphantly knowing that I had won. "Oh, wipe that smirk off your face." she said. I gave her a kiss on the lips as she kissed me back. I pulled away and looked into her eyes. "If you could relive any moment, what would it be?" she asked.

"Meeting you." I told her.


"I can be myself around you. You're beautiful, you're smart, you're funny, you know how to laugh, and I've never felt this way about anyone before. You don't treat me like a celebrity. You treat me like a person and-" I stopped myself in mid-sentence. I got off of her and sat on the edge of the bed. She sat up and moved next to me with the sheets wrapped around her body.

"And?" she asked.

It was too soon. I'd feel like an idiot if she didn't say the words that I was going to say to her. I was going to tell her how I really feel about her. Then I remember how it was with Eleanor. When you know you're in love with someone, even knowing them for just a few months, you just... know. You feel it. Nothing and no one would try to stop you.

Should I say it now? I doubt that she'll say it back. There were many questions running through my mind and one stood out. Does she love me as much as I love her? How do I tell her without trying to scare her away? Do I just say the words? Or do I build up to it? What do I do?

"I love you."

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