A Thousand Years

When Louis meets a girl, his life turns upside down and she changes him in ways that can't be explained. When an accident causes Louis to lose his memory, it is up to Angela and his friends to help him regain the memories that have been lost. In an attempt to help regain Louis' memory, he can only remember his past.


3. Tension

"You didn't go home with her at all?" Harry asked me after I told the guys about my date. We were rehearsing for our next concert later that week and the guys have noticed that I've been getting distracted. I couldn't help but think about Angela. "I've only known her for a day. I don't think it's right to go home with her after the first date." I said. I just wanted to respect her privacy.

After all, we were just acquaintances and not so much friends. Yet, we could become friends and our friendship could possibly blossom into something more. "What did she do to you Lou?" Zayn asked me. I wasn't sure what his point was. I just shrugged and then my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID, then went outside to go answer it. "Hey El." I said with a smile, putting one hand in my pocket.

"Hey Lou. I have great news." she smiled.

"What kind of news?" I asked her and a cab drove up in front of the building we were rehearsing at. I hung up, placing my phone in my pocket as Eleanor got out and gave me a hug. "I missed you babe!" I hugged her back and said, "I missed you too." She pulled away and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Oh you don't know how much I wanted to see you." she smiled.

After we entered the building, I just came to a realization that both girls were in the same city. I was also planning to see Angela later this week. "Hey El. What a nice surprise." Harry smiled, giving Eleanor a hug. The rest of the guys hugged her as well and she went straight to my side afterwards.

We finished rehearsal and the six of us went outside, walking down the street. "So, what are your guys' plans?" Eleanor asked me as we held hands, walking down the street. I was afraid of running into Angela and having both girls meet. "I hope you don't mind that I get Lou all to myself." she smiled.

"Oh, no not at all unless Louis has any plans." Liam said, looking at me. I knew what he was talking about and I glanced at Eleanor who gave me a look. I knew what her eyes meant. "I don't have any plans at all but spend the whole week with my girlfriend." I smiled and she smile back at me. I glanced over at Harry who gave me a 'Nice save' look.

I was safe... for now.


We entered the mall and I dreaded being here. We picked a table and sat down. "Do guys have anything better to do?" Eleanor asked the guys. They shook their heads. "We trust you El, we're just looking out for Louis here." Harry smirked.

While we were all talking when I saw a flash of black hair from the corner of my eye. "Do you want anything to eat El?" I asked Eleanor. She shook her head, "I'm fine. Thank you." I got up from the table to get something to eat, but it was an excuse to get away from the table and stretch my legs. I was tired of sitting and I was in desperate need of walking around.

I was at the vending machine to get something to drink when I heard my name being called. "Hey, I didn't except for you to be here. I thought you'd be doing something concert related." Angela smiled as I reached down and grabbed the bottle of water. I shrugged, "I figured I needed to take a break. But I have a week to do that."

"Are you busy any time this week?" she asked me. I thought about it for a moment and shook my head. "No, I was about to ask you the same thing." I said.

She smiled, "I don't know how long you're staying, but I'm going to a bonfire this Friday with a few of my friends, I was wondering if you and the other guys would like to join us."

"I'll check in with my manager and the other guys. Can I tell you tonight?" I asked her.

She nodded, "Sure of course. I'll see you around Louis." She turned and walked away back in the direction of the store while I stood there watching after her. A few minutes later, I went back to the table and sat down beside Eleanor. "What took you so long? You were gone for ten minutes." Eleanor said.

"The line was long, so I gave up." I told her. The guys really knew the reason why I had been gone from the table for so long. "Besides, I wanted to stretch my legs." I added.

"Speaking of stretching legs, let's go walk around." Eleanor smiled as she stood up and I immediately stood up, taking her hand. We left the guys alone at the table and walked around the mall. We walked into a few of the stores so she could try on the clothes. As we neared the store where Angela worked at, I released my grip. "What is it?" she asked.

I shook my head, "Nothing." I said and I followed her into the store. She looked around the store to try on something to wear. I was keeping my head down and not trying to look Angela directly in the eye. "Can I try these on?" I heard Eleanor ask Angela at the counter. "Sure." I heard Angela's voice.

I could breathe a little, now that Eleanor wasn't keeping a close watch on me. "Can I help you?" Angela asked. Her question forced me to look at her. "No, I'm fine. Thank you." I said, walking to another rack and she continued to follow me. "I didn't know you have a girlfriend." she said.

I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was hurt and when I looked at her, her eyes told me everything. "I was going to tell you." I said in a hushed tone. "When?" she asked in the same manner. "Louis, how do I look?" Eleanor came out of the dressing room and twirled around in a dress that she was wearing. "Beautiful as always." I smiled as she smiled back, then went back inside.

Angela had gone back to the counter and I went up to her. "You haven't told her about me, have you?" she asked. I shook my head as she sighed. "I'm afraid of how she'll react." I said. Eleanor walked out of the dressing room with the clothes in her hand. "These are the ones I picked. I left the rest in the dressing room." she said.

"Will that be all for you?" Angela asked Eleanor.

"Yes." Eleanor said, paying for the clothes. She took the bag and began walking out of the store. "The invitation for the bonfire still stands Louis, but I'm not taking you unless you tell her about us. I'm sure she'll understand that we're just friends." Angela said. I nodded, then followed Eleanor out of the store for her and carried her bags back to the table.


Later that night, Eleanor and I were alone in the hotel room since the guys were hanging out by the pool. "Eleanor, I have something to tell you." I told her, looking into her eyes. "You're not breaking up with me, are you?" she asked.

"No, I'm not." I told her. "It's about the girl at the clothing store from earlier. I just want you to know that she and I are just friends."

She nodded, "Okay. You can still see her, just as long as she knows that you're off-limits."

"She knows El." I said.

"Good." she smiled, then kissed my lips. Well, that was easy. I thought to myself. It was too easy. The next morning, I talked to the guys about the bonfire that Angela invited us to. They all agreed to go the bonfire. I sent Angela a text and after rehearsal, I checked my phone to see I had received a text message from her. Meet us at my house at 6. I'll see you then.


That Friday, I told the guys to go to Angela's house ahead of me since Eleanor wanted to spend the whole entire day with me. Once they left, Eleanor and I walked to the beach. It was almost 6pm when we reached the beach. Not a lot of people were there yet, well, any that I recognized at least.

"I had fun babe. You made my last day here perfect." Eleanor and I sat down by the edge of the shore as she kissed my cheek. "It's perfect because you're here." I smiled, but my thoughts slowly drifted back to Angela. We both stood up and as soon as we turned around, I spotted Angela getting out of a car with her friends and the guys getting out in another car.

"Why are the guys here?" Eleanor asked.

"Ah, you brought your girlfriend to join us." Angela said with a smile.

"Does it bother you?" Eleanor asked.

"Hey now, let's not start a fight. Can we all get along?" I asked, wrapping and arm around their shoulders. "Fine." Both girls said and then Eleanor grabbed my hand, pulling towards the direction of where everyone was setting up for the bonfire. We all sat down on logs. Angela had gone over and sat next to Harry since Eleanor was sitting next to me.


"I'll meet you at the car babe." I told Eleanor as she nodded, then walked away with the guys. Angela was standing near the edge of the shore as I stuck my hands into my pockets and walked up beside her. "It wasn't as fun as I hoped it'd be." she said. "Was it fun for you Louis?"

"Honestly, no." I said, looking down at my feet. She turned her head to look at me as I looked at her. "You were with your girlfriend the whole time." she said. I shrugged, "It would've been better if you were the one sitting next to me." I smiled and she smiled back.

"Harry was trying to flirt with me the whole time." she said.

"Sounds like he had a lot of fun." I chuckled a little and she laughed. "Oh, I bet. He was holding back from trying to make a move on me. I think he knew that I'm someone's girl." she smirked.

I smiled, "I hope this conversation made your night a little bit better."

"It made it so much better. Thanks Louis." she smiled. We finished our conversation and walked back to the cars. We said good bye to each other and entered separate cars. As the car drove down the street back to the hotel, I couldn't stop thinking about how much different Angela and Eleanor were but they were also so alike. I looked out the window and looked up at the night sky wishing that I could just have my chance with her. A night where she and I could be alone, just us two with no one else involved. That would be nice for a change.

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