A Thousand Years

When Louis meets a girl, his life turns upside down and she changes him in ways that can't be explained. When an accident causes Louis to lose his memory, it is up to Angela and his friends to help him regain the memories that have been lost. In an attempt to help regain Louis' memory, he can only remember his past.


6. Realization

"You're going on another date with her?" Harry asked.

"I can't believe you asked her." Liam said as Niall and Zayn agreed. I didn't know what all the big fuss was about. "Why do you guys sound so surprised?" I asked them. They looked at each other before answering my question. "You do know what you're doing?" Niall asked. Of course I knew what I was doing. "I just want to get to know her better, that's all." I said.

"Then you'll be falling in love with her." Zayn said.

"That's just nonsense. She and I are just friends." I said. Well, that's what she and I agreed upon. "Just friends?" Niall asked as I nodded. "Why? Do you have a problem with that?" I asked him.

"Don't say we warned you mate." Liam said, patting me on the back. I was still confused. I didn't know what they were getting at.


That evening I arrived at the restaurant where Angela and I "supposedly" had our first date. I was waiting at a table that I reserved and saw her walk in. She was wearing the most beautiful dress I've laid eyes on. Her hair draped around her shoulders and also framed her beautiful face. She looked over in my direction and smiled as she walked over.

I stood up as she gave me a hug. "Hey Louis." I hugged her back, taking in the smell of her perfume. "Hey." I smiled as we pulled away. I pulled a chair out for her as she thanked me and sat down. I took a seat across from her as we ordered our drinks and food. "You look beautiful." I told her.

She blushed, "Thanks. You're looking good too." I just wanted to reach out and caress her cheek. She was just so beautiful. "I'm really glad you asked me out tonight." she smiled.

"Why's that?" I asked her.

She placed her hand on top of mine, caressing it. I felt the same sensation I had felt at the hospital. It seemed to make my heart race against my chest. "I'd give anything to spend a day with you." she smiled.

"Me too." I smiled.


Our food was served and from there, we continued our conversation. "Tell me about yourself." I said, taking a bite of my food.

"Well, my dad's a doctor and my mom's a teacher so I was sent to one of the best colleges in the country. I didn't like it at first, but that's only because I didn't know what I wanted to be at the time. Eventually I decided to major in business. I don't own a company yet, but I do own the clothing store at the mall. It pays the bills, but..."

She looked down at her food, picking at it with her fork. "But what?" I asked her. She looked at me and said, "I don't get the point of living here in LA. I want to see the world and meet new people. It's crazy here. I want to live in the country side. You know, to enjoy life for a while and not have to worry about anything."

"Have you thought of a place to go?"

She shook her head as she took a bite of her food. I was suggesting for her to come back to the UK with me, but I didn't know if that would be too much to ask. It seemed like it would be at the time, since we're just friends and I've only known her for a week. But for some reason, I felt that I've known her for longer than a week.

Let alone the moment when she touched my hand. I still could feel that sensation lingering there. Something about her pulled me in, drawing me to her. She was intoxicating. But in a good way. I just didn't know it yet.

"I can't leave my sister, you know? Our dad is always on call 24/7 and our mom works from 8 till 2pm." she sighed.

I nodded, "I can stay a little longer to help you watch her." I said. She looked up at me, "I don't think that'll be necessary." she said. I just smiled. "I like her. She's one of the sweetest girls I've met. I don't think I've met a girl like her before."

She smiled, "Well, she likes you too."


After dinner, we walked down the street towards Angela's house which was only fifteen minutes away from the restaurant. Our hands were close to touching, but we still maintained our distance. "I've never had a real conversation with a guy before until I met you." She looked up at me the minute we arrived at her door step.

We were standing on the steps of her house, facing each other. "Why's that?" I asked.

"Most guys I meet would rather have sex with me before getting to actually know me. You're different Louis and that's what I like about you. You know how to treat a girl and make her feel like she's the only one in the world, well, in your eyes." she smiled.

Right then and there, I didn't want to leave her door step. What was she doing to me? I've only met her a week ago and I was feeling things I've felt with Eleanor, but these feelings were more powerful. Passionate. I looked into her brown eyes, trying to read her mind.

It all happened within seconds. The space between us closed and our lips touched. It was more than just the warmth of the kiss on my cheek at the hospital. I reached up, gently holding her face in place while we kissed.


The next morning I awoke in a room as the sun shone through the window. I blinked a few times to adjust to my surroundings and found myself in a bedroom. I felt arms around me and looked down to see Angela's head on my chest. I was here the whole night? I asked myself. I took a while for the information to process, but I came to a realization that I was in Angela's house.

Was this all a dream? No. It couldn't be. I tried thinking of what happened the night before. The date! I smiled to myself remembering last night's date. It was spectacular. I slowly got out of bed without trying to wake her and threw on some pants. I heard the door bell ring and froze in place.

I heard a shuffling of feet behind me and I felt a kiss being planted on my cheek. "Morning Louis." Angela smiled up at me. She was wearing a bathrobe while going over to answer the door. "Hey mom. Hey dad." I walked into the bedroom and threw on my shirt. "Angela!" I heard Jessica's voice ring out and the sound of Angela's laughter. "Hey Jess." Angela said.

Angela walked back into the room and took my hand with a smile. "It's okay. They won't bite." she smiled as she brought me out into the living room where her family was gathered. "Are you the guy our daughter has been talking about?" Her mother asked.

"She talks about me?" I asked her mom.

"I'm going to get some coffee. Do you want anything Louis?" Angela asked me.

"I'm fine, thank you." I smiled. She went into the kitchen while I sat down in one of the chairs across from her parents. "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Kate and this is my husband Peter." Kate held out her hand towards me as I shook hands with her, then shook hands with Peter.

"How've you been doing?" Peter asked me. I recognized him from the hospital. He was the doctor that was asking me questions. "I've been doing good." I said as Angela came back and sat down on my lap. "Louis, I made you a card." Jessica ran up to me, handing the card to me as I took it from her.

I opened it and it was a get well soon card. I smiled, "Thanks Jessica."

"Our youngest daughter is fond of you as well." Kate smiled.

"He's great with her, mom." Angela smiled. Moments later, Peter's pager rang and Angela sighed. "Sorry honey, but I have to take this call." He kissed the top of his eldest daughter's head, then left the room.



As soon as my dad left, I stood up and walked into the kitchen to place my mug in the sink. Jessica entered the kitchen and sat on the counter as I put the plates away. "I like him." she smiled, looking at Louis. I glanced over at Louis and my mom talking. They were having such a great time and I could tell my mom liked him. "I like him too Jess." I smiled.

Jessica hopped off the counter as soon as my mom entered. I guess Jess wanted to go talk to Louis. "I've never seen her that talkative before." My mom said as I finished putting the rest of the dishes away. "Thank Louis for that mom." I said.

I haven't been close to my parents since high school and the day that Jessica was born. After high school, I went to college and only saw them during the breaks. I remember when I was younger, my dad and I used to play catch on the front lawn while I would help my mom with cooking.

Everything changed when Jessica was born. She was their pride and joy for a time, but then they had to go to work which left me to take care of her for the hours that they were gone. "He's a nice guy honey. How did you two meet?" My mom asked.

"Did you ask him?" I asked.

"I did, but he said you two met a week ago." she answered. The accident. "Mom, I've known him for longer than a week. He just... it's more complicated than it really is." I couldn't stop thinking about the accident. I began to tear up just thinking about it. My mom reached out and hugged me.

"Talk to me." she said. As soon as she said those words, I told her everything. Everything that girl friends tell each other and since mine had moved to different states, my mom and the guys from One Direction were the only friends I had. My sister as well, but she was still too young to understand what I was going through.

"Honey, it'll take time. Love shouldn't be rushed, memories as well." she smiled. I gave her a smile and hugged her again. My mom left, along with my sister Jessica and I was left in the house with Louis. "Is everything okay?" he asked. He must've seen me crying and I wiped my tears away as I nodded.



I wondered why she was crying and I wondered if it was about me. I stood up and hugged her as she wrapped her arms around me tightly. I didn't want this moment to end. This moment, just being here with her in my arms, meant the world to me. But for only a moment, I remembered why I was drawn to her; why the sensation I felt lingered there; why I asked her on a date; and why I just had the urges to see her every time we were away from each other. I was in love with her.

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