A Thousand Years

When Louis meets a girl, his life turns upside down and she changes him in ways that can't be explained. When an accident causes Louis to lose his memory, it is up to Angela and his friends to help him regain the memories that have been lost. In an attempt to help regain Louis' memory, he can only remember his past.


9. Lucky

The words were finally said. I had finally gotten them off my chest. I have been keeping them for so long and now I've decided was the best time to tell her. Silence filled the room, but it was not awkward. More and more questions ran through my mind. Did she not love me back? I figured it was too soon. Yup, too soon. I thought to myself and just looked down at my hands.

I felt her hand reach up and touch my face. I looked at her as she kissed my lips, then pulled away. "I love you too." she smiled. My heart leapt with joy and this had to be one of the greatest moments in my entire life. "Say it again." I smiled.

"I love you Louis... William... Tomlinson." She climbed on top of me as I laid down on the bed. I loved it when she said my full name. I placed my hands on her waist as she sat on top of me. "You are so sexy." I smirked at her as she leaned down and kissed my lips. The kiss was so passionate and so alive. She pulled away and held up a finger as she went out of the room for a moment.

I heard a door open and close, then she came back into the room. "I had to make sure we weren't going to be disturbed." she smiled, then kissed my lips again.


Moments later, we were lying in bed together. Her head was rested on my chest while my arms were wrapped around her. "Have you had birthday's like this?" I asked her as she looked up at me. "In my 22 years, please..." she trailed off with a smirk. "This has to be the best one yet."

"Why's that?"

"Well, I never expected to meet a smokin' hot celebrity from One Direction in my lifetime, call him my boyfriend, and have birthday sex." she smiled. "What about you? I mean, have you ever had any 'special' relationships?"

"Special? Well, I wouldn't say special. I would never expect to date a fan's beautiful sister, call her mine, and tell her I love her."

She kissed my lips, then pulled away and sat up for a moment. "I hate bringing this up and it just came to me, but have you..." She trailed off and I all ready know who she was going to talk about. Eleanor. The thought suddenly occurred to me that Eleanor was back in the UK waiting for me and the guys to get home. I remember that Eleanor's still my girlfriend. I haven't broken up with her.

I sat up and looked down. "I know this is about Eleanor and bringing her up hurts. I know it does." I took her hands and looked at her. "It hurts for me to talk about her like this. To talk to you about her and knowing that..."

"Louis, I know you two have been dating for a long time. Longer than we have been dating, but I get that you live in the UK and I can't make you stay here with me. I'm not forcing any of you to stay with me." she said.

"Then come with me. Come with me to the UK. I know how you mentioned that you wanted to see the world." I told her. She just looked at me with those brown eyes of hers. She had a surprised look on her face and then she shook her head as if declining the offer. "No, I... what about my sister? My dad would never approve." she said.

I had a feeling that this was going to happen. It was too soon to have asked her to come with me back to the UK. "Angela, I understand. I shouldn't have offered it up so soon. I'll let you think about it." I left her at that. I let go of her hand, then got dressed. I walked out of the hotel room and headed to the elevator.

While waiting for the elevator, I thought I heard my name being called. "Louis! Louis wait!" I turned and saw Angela running down the hallway with only a bathrobe. "Are you sure?" she asked me.

"You don't have to decide now. Tell me when you're ready." I told her, then gave her a kiss as the elevator doors opened. I pulled away, then walked in and watched the doors close. Once the elevator reached the first floor, I walked out into the lobby and exited the hotel. I called a cab to drive me back to my hotel.


"You asked Angela to come to the UK with us?" Liam asked. We were in the cafe drinking some coffee. I'm not a big fan of coffee, but it was all they served. I'd say it wasn't bad now that I had become accustomed to the taste. I learned that Angela was a big coffee drinker and she'd drink it every single morning at this very cafe shop.

Just thinking about her killed me inside. I had just left the most beautiful girl at the hotel the day after her birthday. She was my girlfriend. My girlfriend in the States. I nodded, "Yeah."

"And how did she react?" Niall asked.

I shook my head, "She didn't exactly decline the offer. She was just worried about her family and I told her to think about it."

"Lou, we all know that El won't like that idea." Harry said. He was right. Eleanor wouldn't like the idea of Angela coming to the UK. "Then I'll break up with her." I said. The guys suddenly stopped in the middle of drinking their coffee as I took a sip of mine. "Are you mad Lou?" Liam asked.

"It's one or the other right?" I asked.

"But you've known El-"

"I know I've known El longer than I've known Ange, but I feel something for Angela. I told her that I love her." I interrupted Zayn. The guys all gave me wide-eyed looks and it was a bit amusing. "You've gone mad." Liam said.

"No, I haven't. I just think my memory is coming back. I remember most of it. Now I don't really remember the accident, but it'll come with time. The more I hang out with Angela, the more I remember things and you guys too. I mean, when I hang out with you guys, I start to remember things. Everything... well, almost." I said.

"I just can't believe you've finally come out. You know, telling her you love her." Harry smiled. Harry always had my back, no matter what the situation was. We were the best of buds and ever since the X Factor days, we were inseparable as friends. The other guys had my back too, most occasions.

"How is Eleanor going to react?" Zayn asked. That question ran through my mind too. How is she going to react?


It was the day before our flight back to the UK. I had to see Angela one last time even if she decided no. There were a few things I had to do before seeing her. I called the hospital to ask for the address of her parents' house. I thanked them, called a cab to drive me to the address, and went up to the door. I rang the door bell and waited outside the door.

It was a beautiful house, similar to Angela's house. The door opened and I looked down to see it was Jessica. "Hi Louis!" she smiled. I smiled back at her and asked, "Hey Jess. Are your parents home?"

"Yeah, they're in the living room. You can come in." She stepped aside as I thanked her and entered the house. She closed the door behind me, then took my hand as she led me to the living room. "Louis." Angela stopped before me. No other words were spoken between us. "Angela, honey, can you go upstairs with your sister? We need to talk to Louis alone." Kate told Angela.

Angela nodded as she took her sister's hand and the two headed upstairs. Kate patted a seat near her on the couch as I walked over and sat down in the spot. "The UK, huh?" Peter asked me as I nodded. I guess Angela talked to her parents about what I offered to her the other day. "Angela talked about it with us and..." Kate and Peter looked at each other. "We're allowing for her to go with you." Kate finished.

"Before you say anything, yes, we were worried about our daughter going to the UK and even college in that matter. We thought that she didn't have her life planned out like we did. But she did. She knew what she wanted and even at a young age, we saw that she had potential to become something greater. We put her into the best college in the country and she aced all her classes, got a degree, and yet she doesn't have a job." Peter said.

"Louis, my husband and I put our trust in you to see that our daughter uses that degree to it's full potential." Kate said.

"She will. I promise you that. I guarantee that I'll always be by her side since she's been by my side since the accident." I told them. I was determined to achieve that goal. "Your daughter has changed my life in ways that even I can't explain. Of all the times I thought I wasn't going to remember anything, she and my friends were there for me.

"They've stuck by my side and they never gave up on me. Angela, your daughter, she never gave up. She continued to help me remember all the times that she and I have spent together before the accident. It was tough, but eventually I remembered a few things every now and then. I'm going to see that she becomes accustomed to living in the UK with me. Sure it may take some time getting used to, but I'll take time off from my own job to help her. I love your daughter." I said.

"We know she loves you." Peter said. I was a bit shocked that Angela told them, but I figured that she tells her parents almost everything. "Really?" I asked.

"Yes really." I heard Angela's voice in the room as I turned and faced her. "I've made my decision all ready and... I want to go to the UK with you." A smile spread across her face and I felt myself smile as well. I stood up, then hugged her and twirled her around. The moment I set her down, Peter said, "Angela picked a great guy."

I looked at her and gave her a questionable look as she smiled. "Well, I was just lucky to have found him dad." Angela smiled. Now I don't know if it was just pure luck that brought our worlds together. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. But I had a feeling that from the day we met, we were destined to be together. I couldn't have met a better person. Now if I only had enough luck left for my Eleanor situation back home.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey everyone! I'll be gone this week and this is the last chapter that I'll be posting for this story. But it's not the end of the story... not yet :) Please please please continue reading and commenting and liking and favoriting! It's getting my story kinda popular. Haha just kidding. It's not :( But it's still a cute story.

I've decided that I'm doing a Spin-off to this story. So basically, the spin-off with have Jessica being eighteen and Harry Styles as her best friend. Jessica and Angela are still sisters, but it's going to be a little bit different. And no, Harry's not going to be that old. He's going to be the age he is now... nineteen. Yup... that story will take place in present day.

Also, as a side note, Louis is 22 in this story (I know he's not 22 yet in reality, but... I wanted him and Angela to be the same age)

A big THANK YOU to everyone reading and favoriting! Comment below! :) Have a great week everybody!


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