A Thousand Years

When Louis meets a girl, his life turns upside down and she changes him in ways that can't be explained. When an accident causes Louis to lose his memory, it is up to Angela and his friends to help him regain the memories that have been lost. In an attempt to help regain Louis' memory, he can only remember his past.


12. Eleanor?


I wonder if Louis couldn't stop thinking about the deal he made with the guys as much as I did. I never really thought about getting married any time soon, even Louis knew that. He and I both agreed to take things slow since we didn't want to rush into anything. I was surprised that he was okay with the idea.

"Harry, thanks for agreeing to show me around town." I smiled at him as he and I walked down the streets of London. It was a beautiful city. I couldn't have asked for a better time to spend with Harry, who became one of my good friends. I knew I'd be able to trust him with almost everything. "Anything for my best friend's girl." he smiled. "Have you found a job yet?"

I shook my head in reply to his answer. I've been searching and searching, but I never succeeded. We passed by a boutique where a sign was placed that they were hiring. "Let's look in there." I suggested as I entered the store. He followed me in and I went up to the store manager to ask if they were still accepting applicants for the position. The manger nodded, handing me an application.

I thanked them and sat down while Harry looked around. It had only taken me a good ten minutes to fill everything out and as soon as I handed the application to the manger, Harry held a box in front of me. "What is it?" I asked him, a bit confused. "Take it and see what's inside." he smiled.

I cautiously took the box from him and he chuckled at me as I gently hit hi on the arm. I couldn't help but smile. I opened the small box and stared at the necklace in amazement. "Oh my gosh. It's so beautiful." I said, looking at him. He smiled, "I saw it in the window and it just screamed 'You.' I bought it for you."

"You didn't have to Harry. I don't know what to say." I said.

"Let me help you with that." He reached out and took the necklace out of the box, then placed it around my neck. I looked down at the pendant in my hand and gave him a hug. "Thank you. I love it." I smiled, then pulled away. What will Louis say? I suddenly asked myself and I was immediately brought back down to reality. "What will Louis think of this? I mean,"

"I'm surprised to see you two here." Louis voice appeared at the doorway of the store. Harry turned to face his direction and I was once again in the middle of an argument between the two. "We were just job hunting Lou." Harry said.

"Well, I was." I added. I saw his eyes glance down towards the necklace that I was wearing. "Did Harry buy that for you?" he asked. I didn't want any thing else to start between them so I went up to Louis, taking his hand. "Thanks for showing me around Harry. I had fun." I smiled, then walked out of the boutique with Louis.


Louis and I walked down the street towards his house. It was a long and silent walk. "Talk to me Louis." I said, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk as I faced him. "There's nothing to talk about." he said. I raised an eyebrow, not believing any of his words. "Are you jealous?" I asked with a surprise tone in my voice. He looked at me, then looked away. "No." He sounded embarrassed as I smiled.

"You're jealous! You're jealous!" I sang and then he grabbed me as he began tickling me. I burst out laughing and then he stopped as I looked into his eyes. "It's okay to be jealous Louis. I only have eyes for one guy." I smirked.

"Who would that be?" he asked, playing along.

"Oh, you wouldn't know him. He has these blue eyes and his smile is to die for. I also heard he's good in bed."

A smile spread across his face as he leaned in and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him, deepening the kiss. We pulled away, but stayed in each other's arms. "The necklace suits you love." he smiled. I looked down at the necklace and shrugged, "I think it matches your eyes. It suits you way better."

"I love you." he smiled.

"I love you more." I smiled, then kissed his lips.



Angela and I went back home where we cuddled on the couch together. "It looked like you were angry at the boutique today." she said, looking at me. "You were having a lot of fun with Harry and I felt like I was just missing out on all the fun." I told her.

"You didn't miss much. He just showed me around town and I applied for a job at that boutique."

"Maybe one day you'll be the manger." I smiled.

"Yeah, if I work really hard." She fiddled with her necklace, looking down at her hands. "What's on your mind?" I asked. She shrugged, but didn't say a word. "If you're still thinking about the deal, I can break it off with the guys. I don't mind if we wait a year." I said.

"But then you'll be on tour and-"

"I'd rather have you as my girlfriend than let some deal keep us apart." I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. I didn't want the deal to come in between us and our relationship. "So you'll pick the tour over marriage?" she asked as we pulled away.

"Is there a problem with that?" I asked her.

"No, I don't want anything to cost you your job. We agreed to wait a while before getting married and if tour comes first, it comes first. Marriage can wait." she smiled. I loved that she was so understanding. I loved that she always had the right words to say at the right time. "This is why I love you." I smiled.


It was Angela's first day on the job and I just had to go see her. I walked into the boutique to find her at the cash register. Just like the day we met. She was finishing up with a customer when I walked up to her. "Hey beautiful." I smiled, leaning against the counter. "Hey, you're early. I don't go on break for another 30 minutes." she said.

"I wanted to stop by and see how you're doing." I told her. She raised an eyebrow. Of course she didn't believe me. "I just came by to see you. Can't I see my girl on her first day?" I asked. She smiled, then kissed my lips. "This is why I love you." she said.

Finally she was on break and we went to a nearby cafe where we sat down at a table. "I've got good news and bad news." she said. I just looked at her and asked, "Good news and bad news?" She nodded, taking a sip of her tea. She became accustomed to drinking tea while I became accustomed to drinking coffee. We were okay with having both. "Good news is my parents will be coming down for the holidays." she said.

"And the bad news?"

"They don't have a place to stay, so I kind of offered them to stay at our house." As soon as she finished her sentence, she began drinking more tea. "How is that bad news?" I asked. She set her cup down and gently bit her lip. "Well, they're bringing my little sister along with them and-"

"Of course they can stay at our house. There's plenty of extra rooms." I said.

"Really?" she asked with a smile. I smiled back, "Your family are wonderful people. I like their company."

"That's great. I'll call my parents now and tell them you're okay with them staying at our house." She stood up, kissed my cheek and walked out of the cafe to call her parents. I was surprised myself that I wasn't mad about having guests over at our house. I really didn't mind having Angela's family stay at our house.

They were really great people and her sister, Jessica was one of the sweetest girls I've met. Angela came back and sat down in her seat. "So, I've told my parents and they say thank you for allowing them to stay with us." she smiled.


We were outside the boutique and I was sad that she had to go back to work. "I'll miss you." she said. Her eyes said everything I needed to know. I didn't need to hear words. I knew that she was going to miss me and that she'd be sad about me leaving. "I'll miss you more." I said. She leaned in and kissed me, "I'll see you at home." She hugged me before entering the store.

As I rounded the corner on the street towards my house, I see a girl step out of a taxi cab. She looked a bit familiar to me as I walked closer towards her direction. Her brown hair was draped around her shoulders. Before I reached her, I knew who it was. "Eleanor?" I asked.

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