City or country?

Hi my names angel Blair. I have crystal blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. I live on a 100 acre farm. I have 4 pets and the rest is my uncle Paul's pets. There's my horse, Daisy, my dog, baby, my cow, blender, and my cat bubu. My parents got killed in an accident.


3. Surprise

Angels pov

"I-I'm scared now!" Niall says "she won't buck you off niall, that's why I named her daisy, she's harmless.....unless you try to steal her from me!" I say "follow me" I say sighing "hey how come Niall doesn't walk?" Louis asks "because you said that he was going to be on the horse with me!" I say looking at them like they were cowards "here we are!" I say hoping off of daisy "Niall stay on that horse please ill be back"  say opening the garage to see 2 4-wheelers "hop on!" I say "AWESOME!?!" Louis yells. I giggle not realizing harry was watching "you have a cute giggle" harry says "no der curly" I say almost falling off of daisy "wow you okay?" Niall asks "I'm fine" I say. Harry and Louis go on the four wheelers with zayn on the back of Louis and Liam on the back of Harry's "ill race ya?" I ask "ready, set, GO?!!" I yell. Daisy runs in front by about 5 meters and wins "I WIN!?!" I yell "OH SHIT!!" I say going back to the stables looking for baby "baby! BABY! WHERE ARE YOU BABY!!" I yell looking for her. I hear her whimpering "BABY!" I yell as I see her being crushed by a cut down tree "baby!" I start to cry as I push in the tree "stay with me baby don't close your eyes! Please!" I say as I stroke her soft fur "angel!" The boys yell. I hear gasps behind me "baby:(" I say  baby starts to close her eyes "DON'T CLOSE YOUR FUCKING EYES BABY!! DON'T-" too late she stops breathing and I try and push the tree off of her with the boys help. The tree comes off finally, I hold baby in my arms "don't go! Please don't go!" I say kissing her dry nose. Baby starts to breath again "what the fuck" the boys say "BABY!?!" I scream as she starts to bark. I hug her and grab some wet dog food "there you go baby!" I say bending over to the sound of harry wolf wistling "what were you looking at my ass you perv or were you looking at baby's breast?" I ask him making him go red in embarresment "I'm just messin with ya babe!" I say poking his torso "oh haha" he says not taking it seriously "come on its almost time for lunch!" I say running towards the house "UNCLE PAUL!!" I yell. He comes down and frowns "sweetie I need to tell you something!" He says taking my wrist and taking me into the room I was never allowed in "uncle why am I in here?" I ask "because sweetie, you aren't human, you are actually wolf blood. The daughter of Zayn malik and Perrie malik" he says "m-my parents are still alive" I say. With that I run downstairs and jump into zayn arms "I thought you would never realize!" He said stroking my hair "dad I thought you were dead?" I ask "no sweetie but we are very-" he cuts himself off "boys please leave me and angel for a minute!" He asks

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