City or country?

Hi my names angel Blair. I have crystal blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. I live on a 100 acre farm. I have 4 pets and the rest is my uncle Paul's pets. There's my horse, Daisy, my dog, baby, my cow, blender, and my cat bubu. My parents got killed in an accident.


5. chapter 4

I see my ex-boyfriend, Tyson. I growl and close the door with my paw "that was my psycho ex" I say turning into human again and clutching on to Dad for dear life. He covers my naked body with his jacket. *knock *knock* comes at the door. Dad opens it and a beautiful woman with purple hair walks in "sweetie!" She says giving me a hug "mom?" I ask "yes sweetie, it's mother"


A/N sorry for the extremely short chapter!

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