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Hi my names angel Blair. I have crystal blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. I live on a 100 acre farm. I have 4 pets and the rest is my uncle Paul's pets. There's my horse, Daisy, my dog, baby, my cow, blender, and my cat bubu. My parents got killed in an accident.


2. Chapter 1

Angels POV 

"ANGEL!?! GET DOWN HERE I WANT YOU TO MEET MY CLIENTS!" My uncle Paul yells from the house. I got on daisy and went towards the house "shh daisy it's okay settle down daisy" I say stroking her mane as I went to uncle Paul "yes uncle?" I ask "these are my new clients, they will be here soon!" He says showing me a photo of one direction "cool, yell for me when their here, ill be feeding the animals" I say about to trot away "WAIT!" Paul yells "they are staying with us" he says. I feel my insides flip "w-what!" I say turning the horse around "you heard me. They will be staying in the guest rooms okay?" He asks. With that I nod my head in agreement and daisy runs away with my weight on her back "wow wow slow down daisy sow down" I say patting her again gently. I hop of off daisy and pull her to her stable "there you go!" I say watching her run in circles "well done daisy! Well done!" I say clapping and laughing. Daisy comes up to me and put her forehead to mine "I love you daisy" I say smiling "do you want some hay daisy?" I ask looking at her different coloured eyes. One was blue and the other was green. I grab some hay and put it in her stable. I leave her to eat in peace an go feed the other animals when I'm almost done I hear Paul yell for me over the walkie talkie "sure thing I'll be there just let me gets daisy ready" I say running towards Daisys stable "come one let's see how fast you can run!" I say hopping on her and kicking her rib cage making her run "boys this is my niece, angel, angel, you know who they-" I cut him off "okay I've met them, I need to feed baby!" I say for setting about her "haven't you fed all the animals yet?" Paul asks "no I haven't!" I say "we'll can you take the boys with you then. I need to make some phone calls" he says walking into the house "hi, who wants to ride with me and who wants to pair up and go on the 4-wheeler?" I say not excited "umm Niall can go with you angel because me and Louis can drive and Liam and zayn have a girlfriend" harry says "whatever" I say pulling Niall up "I-I'm scared now!" Niall says

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