City or country?

Hi my names angel Blair. I have crystal blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. I live on a 100 acre farm. I have 4 pets and the rest is my uncle Paul's pets. There's my horse, Daisy, my dog, baby, my cow, blender, and my cat bubu. My parents got killed in an accident.


4. Another surprise

Angels POV 

"DAD!" I scream running down the stairs like they were nothing. I jump into his arms "hello baby girl!" He says with sadness in his voice "what's wrong?" I ask breaking the hug "oh it's just.....I haven't seen you in 16 years, you look wonderful sweetie!" Daddy says "thanks dad!" I say including him in another hug. I deepen my nails in his back in pain "d-dad" I say "angel! No not now perrie she's too young!" Dad says "DAD!" I say collapsing onto all fours "BOYS GET OUT NOW!" Dad yells. I hear the scuffing of feet. Instantly I want blood "B-blood!" I say crawling toward the door but get blocked off by dad. I growl "sweetie, you are turning don't let it get to you!" Dad says. I black out for a couple of seconds and open my eyes to see black and white "GRR" I growl standing on all fours as I see 4 bodies come into the room "AHH!" Louis screams "GRR shut up!" I say "what the it just talked!" Niall says getting creeped out "guys come down!" Dad says. I soften a bit as zayn hugs me and whispers "your in wolf form!" At that I calm down but then I hear a twig break outside. I growl again and walk slowly to the living room door "stop honey!" Dad screams but I attack the door to see another wolf "GRR" they growl at me and attack me "GRR fuck off!" I say slitting their throat and watch their wolf form turn to human and I see......

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