You Belong With Me

When Harry Styles breaks up with Taylor Swift, he finds his perfect match, Jada, almost immediately, and Taylor gets SUPER jealous. She plots against them trying to win Harry back, but its harder than she thinks. will she win Harry back, or were Harry and Taylor just not meant to be?


2. Jada

 It was the day after i broke up with Taylor. i decided to buy Niall lunch (i lost a bet and had to buy him something that he would like).

"What do you want Niall?" i asked as we walked into Super Burger.

 "Um..." he said, pondering over the menu "I'll have two regulars." 

When we finished our lunch, we threw away our garbage and walked out the door, but as I went out I bumped into someone. i looked down and saw that i knocked her down.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

when she looks up to say "yes" i see that she is remarkably beautiful.

"hello, love," i say, feeling dazed.

"hi," she says, pushing her hair behind her ears and looking into my eyes at the same time.

"I'm Harry. Harry Styles. But be quiet. you would be amazed how fast the paparazzi finds me."

"Hi, Harry. I'm Jada." she says

"Jada. That's a beautiful name."

Jada blushes as she smiles up at me. "thanks," she mumbles quickly.

"Hey Jada, listen. Do you want me to buy you lunch?"

"umm.." she said, thinking about it."sure!" she said

Niall whispered in to my ear.  " But we just ate"

"yeah i know" i said under my breath.

"okay then, i could go for another three burgers." he said to me

After we finished eating, we talked for a long time.

"i really enjoyed myself today love. would you like to go out sometime?" i asked

"Okay!" Jada said really excited.

"how's tomorrow at 7?" i said

"that's perfect." she says smiling beautifully.

"see you then. good bye love!"


i had a really good feeling about Jada. 

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