Here Be Monsters

This is just a short songfic I made. The Song is "Here Be Monsters" By Ed Harcourt. Actually, it's the first "real" story I made. It is set in a asylum. Also a trigger warning, just to be safe. TW: A little gore and character death.


1. There are Monsters

-Fell in a well, church rang a bell- The smell of rotting debris is just sickening, what have I done do put myself into this place? -Priests they just tried to help but he went straight to hell- Did I do something wrong? It's quiet lonely in this place. Long merciful hallways, locked rooms, nurses rushing in to help us. -Lost in the flames, such a shame- They dragged me into this place. Did I do something wrong? I don't like it here. The people in masks are scary. Maybe this is all a dream right? -Here be monsters again, Here be monsters again- There are other people in here, they are very unique. A grand elderly lady has taught me to sew, but she stuck needles into her hands. I don't remember sewing like that... -Brain wash the weak- The people in masks say that we'll be talking a long nap in a week, but I am not tired. These people in this place are so funny! -Join up the clique- Last night I heard somebody being tied to a wheelchair. They were yelling, but I bet the people in masks were tickling them. I am starting to like this place. -Overcome by peer pressure turn the other cheek- A lady in white gave me a pill, she said it would taste good. She lied. She lied. She lied. -Lost in the flames, such a shame- The masked people are tying me to a chair. They put something on my head, I wonder what they are going to do. A man is writing something on his clipboard. A masked lady is saying, "Now?" The man flicked a switch on a peculiar machine. -Here be monsters again.-
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