I'm in love with a vampire?

Hi I'm Izzy Moroni, this is my story about me falling I love with my now husband Louis Tomlinson


1. The park

All I could hear is the rustling of leaves by my feet. Then when I arrived at the park I heard someone else's feet. Hello Izzy. Louis said with a happy voice. Hello Louis when did you get here?(I already knew his secret.) Umm I came a few seconds ago. Oh ok, so how have you been? I've been good. Good. Well Louis um I was going to ask you a couple days ago but I didn't have the guts to tell you . I love you. I love you too Izzy. You do? Yes. He said. Great he kissed me then he stopped. Why did you stop Lou? Because I can't kiss you without wanting I bite you. Oh ok. After that he took me home and I ate some dinner and I read a book.

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