The Fire Games

One hundred years ago, there was a time known as the Dark Days, a war that began the Hunger Games. Twenty five years ago, a change happened. The Games turned around. Capitol children are Reaped now. There is now a new name for the Games. The Fire Games.


11. Things Don't Always Work Out The Way You Plan...

      The next morning, I'm disappointed to find myself alive. I had hoped Abri would have decided that this cave would be great for a new spot and find me here, asleep and vulnerable.

     I grab the ammo and crossbow, loading one arrow and trying to remember the plan I had thought of in my dreams. Dreams are always the best place to see something happen, because even if it doesn't work out like that once you're awake, you still have the slightest bit of happiness from that bit of success from your slumber.

     I leave my cave, looking for Abri. Kade was going to win.

    Just find her and kill her. Then finish the job with yourself. Kade will get to live. Let that be your legacy.

     The day grew short, and light was slowly, slowly fading. I keep going and suddenly, I hear voices. A girl's, probabaly Abri's, and... Kade's?

     What is he doing? Oh, no!

     I am about to run out and prevent him from doing whatever he's about to do, when I think better of it. I hide behind a bush, trying to stay hidden. I strain to hear the conversation, because although I am close, Abri and Kade are talking semi-quietly.

     "- begging you! Please!" Kade said.

     "And why should I?"

     "Because I love her. It shouldn't come down to the two of us."

     Her? Who is "her?" Abri is the only girl left in the arena except... me.

     "Very well."

     Suddenly, I realize what's going on. Kade must want Abri to... do away with him, so I can live.

     I sit up a bit, so I can see better. Abri is on top a rock pile. An actual pile of rocks, with giant rocks the size of my head, wanting to fall with every step she takes down it. She is high up it, but even I can see the glint of the moon against the knife she is holding on to.

     I look at Kade standing below, looking like he's ready to die.

     Well, you know what? So am I.

    I jump up and run to the bottom of the rock pile, using the already loaded crossbow to fire up at Abri. She falls back.

     I realize my mistake when I look at Kade. He has a look of horror plastered on his face.

     What did I do that for?

     The cannon sounds, and I have a feeling it's louder than usual. It actually shakes the arena. The vibrations cause the rock pile to create an avalanche of rocks.

     "Ragi!" is the last sound I hear before I'm crushed.

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