The Fire Games

One hundred years ago, there was a time known as the Dark Days, a war that began the Hunger Games. Twenty five years ago, a change happened. The Games turned around. Capitol children are Reaped now. There is now a new name for the Games. The Fire Games.


8. Kade's Dark Side

     Kade and I alternated between guarding while the other slept. I noticed that Kade insisted on taking longer shifts than me. Not like it bothers me. 

     He woke me up in the morning with a "feast" of random berries he found in a bush. Seemed pretty upset when I refused them. So now we're hunting. Neither of us have any experience with it. So, yeah, this will be interesting.

     "Kade, I haven't seen any animals. We've been walking for an hour." 



     "M - M - M"

     This annoys me. "What?!?!" I yell.


     I turn around to find five wolf-dog-hybrid mutts starting at me. Out of the corner of my mouth, I whisper, "Let's get somewhere." 

     "Yeah. No crap. Where?"

     I think hard. "Remember learning about Katniss and Peeta's games in school." Kade slowly nods at me, still trying to keep the mutts calm. "Walk with me, slowly." I back up. With a slight turn off my head, I see the gold glint of the Cornucopia.  

     "On a count of three, run. One... Two... THREE!" I turn on the ball of my foot, and run. And run. And run. 

     We make it to the Cornucopia, only to find that we won't be alone. Kade's brother, Gwynn, was sitting in the shade, sharpening a knife. He sees us, and is just about to attack us when he sees the mutts. He clambers onto the Cornucopia. Kade climbs on and pulls me up. The mutts wait below.

     "Kade, we made it. We made it!"

     "Wouldn't get too happy, princess." I look up to find Gwynn pointing his knife at me. 

     He pulls my head back by my hair, and places the knife on my neck. Smiling, he sneers, "Any last words?" Before I can answer, I feel the point of the knife enter the side of my neck. I feel woozy. Did he dip the knife in some form of poison? I want Kade, the only friend I have ever had, (How sad is that?) to be my last sight. I search for him and spot him wielding a large rock. He runs towards Gwynn, and slams it into his head.

     The grip on my hair slackens, and the knife falls. I catch it. I turn to Kade, to thank him, when he grabs the knife from my hands, and grabs his brother. The knife enters his heart. 

     Gwynn falls off the Cornucopia, to the mutts. They grab him, and pull him into the woods. Cannonball. 

     Still amazed by the sight I just saw, I look for any other mutts. None. I try to find Kade. Then, I watch him throw the knife. I collapse.


     I wake up. Once again with new bandages.

     "Kade! Kade!" I scream. He surprises me. 

      "How are you?"

     "Not good. I thought you were killed." Then, I remember. "Why do I even care? You tried to kill me! I saw you throw that knife!"

     "I threw it on the ground. You blacked out from the small slit in the side of your neck that Gwynn left. The knifes were drenched in Nightlock. Found four others in a jar full of Nightlock juice. I bandaged you up. You've been out for two days. I thought you... I thought you left me."

     "Anyway. Kade, we should talk. You know, about your brother."

     "There's nothing to talk about," Kade says, with an unchanging tone in his voice.

     "Yes, there is! You just stabbed your brother! I would think that you would have some form of emotion! I would think you would some remorse! I would think you would feel bad about taking his life." There is a short, awkward silence. I have always hated silence. If you know how to listen, you can hear it scream the truth. I decide to end it by asking something I may not want to know. "Why did you do it?"

     "He was in the way. It's that simple. Only one person makes it out of here." His expressions don't change. It's obvious that he doesn't care that he murdered him in cold-blood. 

     "Look, you should go to sleep. I bet you haven't slept since I passed out." I look deep into his blue eyes, which are being mostly covered by his dropping eyelids. 

     "Good night, Ragi."

     I sit up, with the crossbow in my hand. Is Kade telling the truth? Is he cruel enough to kill someone he had a relationship with, just because he's "in the way?" What's stopping him from killing me the next time I go to sleep? Or is there something more? Was it because of me? Did he kill his brother because my life was in danger? If he truly thinks that everyone is in the way, then why didn't he kill us both? Does he actually have feelings for me? 

     I don't know what it is about Kade. But, no matter how I spin the situation and the motives, I can't deny it. There has been a revelation, Kade's dark side.

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