The Fire Games

One hundred years ago, there was a time known as the Dark Days, a war that began the Hunger Games. Twenty five years ago, a change happened. The Games turned around. Capitol children are Reaped now. There is now a new name for the Games. The Fire Games.


12. ... But Better Instead

     It's like an out of body experience, probably because it is. There's me, standing outside the rubble, staring at me, in the rubble.

     Kade runs to me, or her, or whatever pronoun. Either way, he's running towards my corpse. He pushes away the rocks. He looks close to tears at the sight of me/her, covered in soot and not breathing.

     "R - Ragi?" he asked, like he was sure I would wake up and be fine. The cannon sounded and he started crying. An enraged cry. "No, no, no, no, no." He stood up, grabbing a stone and throwing it as far as he can. "No!"

     Kade begins looking around crazily, muttering, "Must do something. Love her. Can't end like this." He looks straight at me, his eyes growing wide. But he doesn't actually see me. He sees the bush I was hiding behind. The Nightlock bush.

     I want to yell, "No," but I can't find my words.

     He picks a few berries and I close my eyes as he raises then to his mouth. I spend an eternity in the dark, before I feel a tap on my shoulder. I open my eyes, to find Kade, smiling. He is next to me, but he is also on the ground next to the bush.

     "Kade." I whisper.


     At the same time, we voice a thought so perfect that it makes me glad we can spend forever together.

     "I love you."

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