9 years after the government was over thrown, the former fifty states declared war on each other, breaking apart, becoming their own separate country…
Fae has grown up in poverty, ruins and war. Living in what used to be Boston, which is now mostly covered in rubble of skyscrapers.
Fae, being seventeen, is still in school, where their history lessons include a subtle democracy, and a United Nation. When Kaden, her best friend, enlists in the war, she is heartbroken, because the chances of surviving are slim.
Going against the odds, Fae sets off to fix what has been done, and Washington D.C is the place to go.


1. Prologue: Tough Beginnings


   The year is 2095, and the United States is on fragile grounds. The government, who says their for the people, has been a lie the whole time. Fraud, distrust; it's amazing how they stayed together this long. Congress takes their time forwarding laws to the President, and is too selfish to agree on anything. The country became in debt, while the higher powers sat on their stolen pile of cash, with no worry in the world, being waited on by hand and foot, while the American people suffered the constant rise of food, gas, and other items rise in price. 
  The tax money, the government stole, and working people's salaries fell, until the point of not getting paid at all. The President, stepped down from office, a couple years later, not wanting to deal with what was wrong with the people. Congress soon followed, leaving no laws in place. 
  Riots broke out, bombings, people living on the streets, with everything they owned gone. The first state to break off was Alaska, considering they were attached to Canada. Then following Alaska was Hawaii. One after the other, all the states broke apart, what was once state borders were now country borders, and if you stepped over that line, odds are you'd probably get shot. The one place in what used to be a United Nation, that is the safest, is Washington D.C, where the former leaders still ruled, but were dictators over the whole some of "countries", leading each and everyone into poverty, leaving each place to pay off the debt that the United States owed.  

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