9 years after the government was over thrown, the former fifty states declared war on each other, breaking apart, becoming their own separate country…
Fae has grown up in poverty, ruins and war. Living in what used to be Boston, which is now mostly covered in rubble of skyscrapers.
Fae, being seventeen, is still in school, where their history lessons include a subtle democracy, and a United Nation. When Kaden, her best friend, enlists in the war, she is heartbroken, because the chances of surviving are slim.
Going against the odds, Fae sets off to fix what has been done, and Washington D.C is the place to go.


2. History

 Kaden and I sat in the two desks in the back of the class. History class is always the worst part of the day, listening to a rambling, senile old woman called Mrs. Higgins. Her frail body trembled, and her memory was vague. She didn't remember what happened yesterday or the day before, but she had a vivid memory of about fifty years back or so.

 Mrs. Higgins pulled down a worn map of the surrounding countries of what used to be the United States of America. Hah! What a joke! The government lied, if only people eighty years ago realized it sooner. The map was held together with tape,but even that couldn't prevent the pieces from falling apart.

 As Mrs. Higgins continued on with her lesson, I looked over to see Rosealie glancing over at Kaden. I felt jealousy build up in my veins, something I never felt before, with the presence of Kaden.

 "Now... who would like to explain to the class what the economy was like leading up to the Separation? Fae... would you do the honors?" 

 I look up a little to startled, which gave away that I wasn't really paying attention.

 "Uh, sure... The government wouldn't tell the people what was actually happening with the raising of prices. They also tested diseases on random people, who did not give them permission to do so. Thus, leading to the massive epidemic of 2087, leaving a total death amount of 10,000,000." Mrs. Higgins looked right through me. I highly doubt she was in present time.

 The bell rang, meaning it was time to go home. Kaden and I always walk home together considering we're best friends, and we live so close to each other. We gathered our things and left the run down school, and walked down what was used to be called a highway. I've seen pictures of inner Boston before the Separation. It was absolutely beautiful. With the old City Hall, Quincy Market, and the breath taking parks, it was stunning. Now, the skyscrapers that were once so tall, cover the ground in ruins, victims of the bombing from the country of York, which was New York. Faneuil Hall, once a vibrant market place, now a black market, where things stolen from Washington D.C, where the dictator is.

 The odd part of the Separation, is that even though the states split, we're all under one ruler; Silas Eian. With no one wanting to take the place as leader, he took it, promising peace and bringing everyone together as one again. Lied. The only ones prospering, are those who happen to live in D.C. Everyone else fends for themselves.

  We turned to where the old City Hall was. That's where I live. The building itself is still in one piece, but is in terrible condition. Makeshift homes are everywhere, for there on no actual houses.

  "You sure you don't want me to help you and your mother tonight? Maybe fish and search for some food?" Kaden asked. I shake my head.

  "No, you better run home. You know what happens when it gets dark. I don't want you to get caught up in that." He nods, and runs off, without a goodbye. I sigh and walk into the mayhem I call home.


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