Three little words, saved my life

Harry and Serenity have been best friends since they were, in grade school. Now they are all grown up, and Serenity is going through her first heart break. When this happens Harry suddenly begins to have feelings for her. But will she have feelings for him?


3. My Speechless Friends

Serenity's P.O.V

I turned around to see Millenia, Kelyce, and Brianna fooling around with Louis, Niall, and Zayn.

"Earth to the lovebirds" I said to all of them.

They looked at me slightly blushing at my comment.

"So, how was the X-Factor?" I asked Harry.

"It was ok, I guess" he said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Are you kidding Harry?" Brianna asked.

"Yes, actually I am. X-Factor was amazing!" he said.

"Well that's good." I said.

"So, how was your time here, without me?" He asked referring to me.

"It was boring, although I had those wack-o's" I said pointing at the girls.

"Did you miss me?" he asked.

"Maybe" I said jokingly.

"Maybe" He said mocking me. 

"You know I missed you Hazz" I said. 

I put my phone on the table and told the girls to sit. Of course they all sat down next to the boy they liked. Brianna sat down next to Zayn, Millenia sat down and Louis pulled her on his lap, and Niall and Kelyce were in the kitchen, probably eating.

I sat down next to Harry and saw my phone vibrate. Gemma brought it to me.

"Ohhhhhh Someone's boyfriend is calling" Gemma said teasingly.

"Stop it Gemma, at least I have a boyfriend unlike someone" I said looking at her funny.

She stuck her tongue out at me. I turned to Harry, he looked sad. 

"You have a boyfriend" He said.

"Yeah, I know I didn't tell you, but I'm sorry, I really wanted to tell you, but I couldn't find the right wa-"

"It's ok Serenity, I understand" he said. 

"Who wants pizza?" Liam asked.

We ordered pizza and decided to have a sleepover.

Harry's P.O.V

She has a boyfriend? A boyfriend? I'm angry. Not at her, but the fact that I was too chicken to ask her out first. I love Serenity, more than anything. She's my best friend  and the love of my life. I have to tell her one way or another. But how? What if she doesn't like me back like that? What if her definition for love was way different from mine? 

I'm falling head over heels and I don't know what to tell her. 


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