Three little words, saved my life

Harry and Serenity have been best friends since they were, in grade school. Now they are all grown up, and Serenity is going through her first heart break. When this happens Harry suddenly begins to have feelings for her. But will she have feelings for him?


2. Meeting The Boys

Serenity's POV:

I woke up this morning bright and early. Today was the day that I meet the famous boys of one Direction and its the last day of school before spring break. Arent I a lucky gal?

I go down the hall and into the bathroom. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I tiptoe back to my room since Gemma was still sleeping and it was only 6 in the morning. It was finally a sunny day so I decided to wear some skinny jeans and my 'Teenage Runaway' crop top. I just threw on some black Toms and tiptoed back into the bathroom to do my hair. I decided to just curl my hair and apply light makeup.

Good. I'm finally done.

I went downstairs and ate some breakfast. I heard footsteps from upstairs and I kinda figured that Gemma was up. She was now coming down the stairs.

'Hello." She says with her eyes half closed.

"Hey Gemma. If your so tired then go back to bed." I tell her. it looked as if she was going to fall asleep standing.

'I just came down to tell you to go straight to Harry's flat after school. I'll be over there and so will Harry and the boys." she says.

I was so excited to see Harry again and to meet the boys. This was going to be a fun week.

"Okay. I'll see you later." I say as I embrace her in a hug. I loved Gemma's hugs. They were just like Harry's. Nice and warm and welcoming.


School was pretty much the same old drag. I saw Zach though and I told Millenia, Bri, and Kelyce that I was going to meet some special people this afternoon. Millenia, Kelyce, and Bri were my best friends. They loved One Direction and thats why I wanted to bring them to Harry's flat after school so that they can meet the boys with me.

"Hey babe." I heard a deep voice say from behind my locker door.

I close the locker door to reveal Zach with a smirk on his face.

"Hey." I say.

'Wanna hang out after school?" he asks.

He had to ask at the wrong time. The day where I make plans and he comes along and asks to hang out.

"I cant. im busy after school. Sorry." I say.

"Okay. I'll call you alright?"

"Alright." I say as Zach gives me a peck on the cheek, smiles, then disappears down the hallway.

It was free period so I decided to go to the library and hang there for a while. I really wasnt into books, i just go there to go on my phone.

I looked at my screen and saw a text from Harry.

Hey Love. I'll see you later, yea? -Harry :)

I reply:

Yea, can i bring some friends. Theyre really big fans of one Direction.

Harry agrees and says that I can bring the girls. This was going to be awesome.


The bell for last period rang and i practically ran out of the classroom. I ran down the hall and to my locker, threw everything in, and ran down the hallway again to Kelyce's locker.

"Ready?" I ask her as I'm out of breath.

"Yes, but I still want to know where we're going." She says.

"You'll see when we get there. Now lets go find Bri and Millenia." I say as I pull her arm and drag her down the hall.

I finally got the whole crew together and we hopped into Kelyce's car.

"Where to?' Kelyce asks me.

"My house. But thats not where we're going." i say with a smirk.

Kelyce gives me a worried look but still pulls out of the parking lot.



We finally arrived on my street.

"Stop here." i say as we are in the middle of the street. "Park in that driveway.'' I pointed to Harry's driveway. I cant help but chuckle to myself because they are going to pee their pants as soon as they see One Direction when they walk through that door

"Who's flat is this?" Millenia asks from the backseat.

"Dont worry. Hes no stranger." i say with a cheeky smirk.

"HE?!" Bri says as her eyes bulge out of her head.

'Lets GO!' I lead the girls out of the car and up the front steps as I open the door. There stood Harry. Oh, how I missed him. I ran into his arms as he squeezed me tight. Like i said before, i LOVED his hugs.

"I missed you so much Harry!" I say as i sqeeze him tighter.

"I missed you even more." He says.

When I finally let go, I turn around and see the girls standing there, just standing there. They were not moving, nor blinking. i turn to face the direction that they are looking in and I see that the rest of the One Direction boys are staring back at them.

"Oh right. I forgot to introduce the boys to you guys. This is Zayn Malik, this is Niall Horan, that's Liam Payne, and this is louis Tomlinson. Obvioulsy, I'm Harry. Harry Styles. Oh, and this is Gemma. My sister." Harry says. He was always so cheesy.

"Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm Serenity Maxwell and these are my speechless best friends. This is Millenia, Kelyce, and Bri. Theyre kinda big fans of yours." I say.

"Thats great. Nice to meet you guys." Louis says. i noticed that he was smiling at Millenia. She finally snapped out of her trance and smiled back while blushing.

I also noticed the same with Niall and Kelyce. And Bri and Zayn! Oh no! This cant be happening!


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