Sometimes life is harder, and sometimes it is harder to write about life..... In here are three poems, divided into chapters to organize them. All dealing with some thoughts on life.

Not an easy thing.


2. Whispers in the windows



whispers in the windows


teardrops on my hand, 



           ing  into puddles beneath my dirty feet.



Hush my child don’t cry

Dream another dream

Sleep another night

Morning brings no sorrow, let all be amended in your tired soul.



Wait oh dear one, Wait!

Theres a new tomorrow, it happens everyday.

The sun will come out soon

Wait! oh dear one wait.


The mountains can’t control my hungry thirst for happiness. The earth shall shake beneath me as I rebel so angrily. I cry out with my fist up taunt in the sky. 

This life I live will not contain me, I will break free.


Watch and wonder with me.

Watch and wonder


Listen to your pounding heart, steadfast beating on.

    Feed the time,     bring forth your strength,         count the days of sorrow gone. 


Close the lid on hurt and downstream all tears of betrayal. 

No more days of troubled minds or anguished hearts. 


Hush no little one, the rainbows are out.

Dancing on the clouds the angles laugh is heard.


So come with me.

Lay down your head and listen to these gentle words.

“Tomorrow always come, bringing new beginnings”. 

So come little one and be at peace with me. 


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