Sometimes life is harder, and sometimes it is harder to write about life..... In here are three poems, divided into chapters to organize them. All dealing with some thoughts on life.

Not an easy thing.


3. Change

   The one thing life always does for you is to never make you feel to comfortable. You can think life is great, but don’t worry in a blink of in an eye it could change. 


Change, life favorite word, life can change something so much that you life is flipped upside down and you have a stomach ache. 


Don’t worry you’re not alone. We all wait for the How to on LIFE, on how to deal with change. 


    Some eat, and eat, and eat. Those people feel if they fill themselves up on comfort food, it will be better. But then you will become so full that on top of being bloated you fell sick and then the change comes back to haunt you. 


Others cry, because talking to themselves doesn’t cut it and they need to cry. 


If some one really doesn’t like change they become angry. Not with themselves but others around them even if they are not even related to the problem. They scream, blame others, because for awhile that feels really good. 



The one thing that sometimes makes it all better is to curl up and close your eyes and go to sleep, because then you can enter a world of dreams. 




A happy new world where 


change is not real.


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