My Superhero

Clare Sampson and Harry Styles have been dating for the summer. They live right next door to each other. What will happen when Clare has to leave for college and One Direction has to go on another world tour? Will their love stay bonded or will they start to drift? They will have to find a way to handle being away from each other when they were so used to being together every single day.


3. The Beach

Harry's POV
We were all down at the beach, I was in the water cooling off with Liam. I looked to the shore. I saw Zayn sitting on his phone. Clare was laying on her back, she was wearing my favorite pair of aviators. She looked so peaceful, just laying there, soaking in the hot summer sun. 
"So do you want them?" Liam's voice took me out of my trance.
"Huh?" I asked, obviously confused.
"I asked if you wanted the cabin."
"Danielle's parents own a vacation home in Tennessee. It's a cabin on top of a mountain. We were going to use it next week but Danielle has a tour she has to go on," he looked annoyed at having to reexplain the story because I wasn't listening the first time. 
"Wait, so you're offering me Danielle's parents cabin for a week?" I tried to clarify.
"Yeah, I mean, if you want it," he shrugged while running his hands through the water. 
"Do her parents know?"
"Yeah, they're completely cool with it."
"Sounds awesome, I'll just have to ask Clare about it." 
Liam nodded and turned his attention to Louis and Niall who were surfing.
"Oh, yeah," I started, "I have to tell you guys something important later."
He cocked his head to the side, "Okay? What about?"
"I'll tell you when I tell the boys."
"Aw come on, tell me now!" Liam complained as he quickly swiped his hand across the water, causing him to splash me.
"I was going to before you decided to do that!" I said as I splashed him back. His mouth was open and a huge amount when down his throat. He started choking up water, coughing hysterically. I immediately felt guilty and started to pound on his back, trying to help him. His coughs slowered  and then came to a stop. He looked me in the eye and we simultaneously burst into laughter.  
"Well that was something!" I laughed.
"That," his face suddenly turned straight, "was horrible."
I couldn't help but smirk at his abrupt expression.
"I'm gonna go talk to Clare," I said while pointing to the shore. 
I made my way to the sand, the water current fighting against me. As soon as I felt the rough sand between my toes, I sprinted for Clare. She didnt see or hear me coming, so I plopped right on top of her.
She let out a "Oomph" and then tried to sit up, but couldn't since I was on top of her. 
"Harry!" She laughed, "you're soaked! Get off of me!"
"Never!" I laughed and adjusted myself so I wasn't squishing her.
"Harry," she whined. 
After about 2 minutes, I finally gave in. I lifted myself off of her and sat next to her in the sand. She let out a dramatic breath of air then grabbed a nearby towel. She dabbed off the water that I left on her body and then threw the towel at my face.
"Here, dry off," she suggested. 
I grabbed the towel and instead of drying off, I lay it out on the sand and laid down on it. I saw Liam coming up from the water. 
I looked at Clare from the corner of my eye. She saw me and smirked. I just supply pretended that I had no clue what just happened. She looked over at me and then scooted her towel so it was touching mine. By now, Liam was sitting in the sand by Zayn.
I smiled at her and she scooted closer to me, her back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and she cuddles up into me.
"You know, I'm gonna miss you," she whispered just so I could hear.
"You too," I said.
"You never told me," she started, "how much time do you have?"
"Until?" Liam interrupted. 
"Uh, that's the thing I needed to tell you guys about," I mumbled. 
I adjusted my position so I was propped up on one arm.
"Niall! Lou! Come here, now!" Liam shouted to them over the waves. They heard Liam call for them and made their way to the shore.
"Yeah?" Louis asked after the few minutes it took for them to come.
"Haz has to tell us something," Zayn said casually, his eyes still glued to his phone. 
I didn't want to tell them, mainly for the reason that I didn't want it to happen. But, I knew they'd be excited. I mean, its a world tour. If Clare wasn't involved, I'd definitely be excited too. But I'd have to go without see her and that would be hard. 
"Well, management called," I started.
"Yeah, we know. We all got calls," Niall stated.
"Yeah, but the thing is, they called Clare and she answered," I continued.
Their expressions didnt change. "And?" Zayn finally looked up from his phone.
"The tour is starting earlier," I finally blurted, "we leave in 2 weeks. So, we won't have to do another one of those week long things we just did."
"Oh, that's it?" Liam asked.
I nodded my head.
"Why is that so bad?" He asked and then he looked at Clare in my arms and quickly shut his mouth. 
"So did you ask Clare yet?" Liam asked me with a hopeful look.
"Ask me about what?" She turned so she was facing me.
"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Tennessee with me?" 
"How come?" She asked.
"It's a surprised," I said cheekily.
"The week before we leave for tour. So we'll have alone time to spend together before I leave," I said quietly into her ear, "Look, you don't have to give me an answer now, but-"
"Yes," she interrupted my whispers, "I'll go." 
I felt a huge grin appear on my face and I couldn't help but lean in and kiss her. She kissed me back and placed her hands on my cheeks. After a few moments, we split apart, finding the guys staring at us uncomfortably.
"Next time, you guys want to warn us?" Louis chuckled.
"Like you haven't seen it before," Clare replied to him with a smirk. 
I winked at them then put my arms back around her.  
"Let's do something tonight," Niall suggested.
"Like what?" Zayn asked.
"Can we just stay in tonight?" Louis whined.
"Fine, how about a fire?" Said Niall.
"Yeah, sounds like fun," Clare smiled.
Eventually we all went inside to change.
Clare and I went up to my room. She plopped on my bed, grabbed the ends of my blankets and wrapped them around her. 
"Excuse me, but I just made that," I told her.
"I know," she snuggled her face into my pillow.
I went and sat next to her on the bed, "you tired?" 
"Yeah, a bit," she yawned.
"You know, we can just stay inside and watch a movie or something if you want," I suggested while playing with her hair.
"No, I want to go outside," she swiped my hand away.
"Why is it that you can play with my hair, but I can't play with yours?"
"Because I like your hair and you like it when I touch your hair and you're just touching mine to annoy me," she said matter of factly. 
"Ah, now that is true," I said while I removed my hand and went to my dresser. I grabbed some sweats and a tee shirt and began to change, not caring if Clare was looking or not. I looked back at her, her eyes were shut and her mouth was gaped open a bit. I smiled at her then went back to putting my shirt on.
After I finished, I walked to the end of my bed where Clare's clothes were piled. I grabbed them and set them next to her pillow. I nudged her shoulder and her eyes fluttered open.
I held up the pile of clothes. She moaned and sat up, grabbing the clothes and heading to the bathroom. I watched her as she shut the door behind her.
 Clare has always been the reserved kind of girl. I don't know much of her past, because whenever I bring it up, she changes the subject, but I don't care. Like she said, I only care that she's in my future.
"Harry," Clare whined, interrupting my thoughts.
"Yea, love?"
"I can't untie the double knot."
I got up and walked to the bathroom. I opened the door without knocking only to find Clare in her jean shorts and bikini top. I tried not to stare at her body but apparently she noticed because she smirked. She turned her back to me, motioning for me to untie her top. She held on to her front part, making sure her swimsuit wouldn't fall. I worked my fingers through the knot, eventually getting it undone. I finished untying the bow and letting the strings fall. She turned around to face me.
"Thanks," she smiled, still holding on to her bikini top.
I saw her eyes move to look at my lips. I saw her bite her own. I slowly lifted my hand, removing the piece of hair that was in her face and tucked it behind her ear. My hand was already to her face and I raised my other one too. I grabbed her cheeks softly  with my hands and closed the gap, kissing her roughly, but passionately. I felt her bite down softly on my lip, making me want her even more. I felt her remove her hands from her top, sliding them down to my back. Her top was still in place because our bodies were pressed against each other and also the fact that it was tied around her neck. I continued to kiss her. I lifted her up, took a couple steps forward and placed her on the bathroom sink. Her hands went to my hair, I loved it when she did this. Mine went to her neck, I was fiddling with her strings that tied her top. She didnt stop or say no, so I went for untying the double not. She continued to kiss me roughly. I got the knot undone, and started for the bow. 
"Harry, Clare, you almost ready?" Liam knocked on the door.
"Yeah," Clare answered, "we'll be out in a sec."
I moaned not wanting this to be over.
Clare giggle at my expression, "Well, that was fun."
I raised my hand to my hair and shook it out.
"Oh yeah, thanks for untying me too," she smirked.
This caused my to laugh, "oh, anytime." I winked. 
She turned her back to me and put her sports bra on. I decided to look away, respecting her wishes. A moment later, she appeared in front of me, dressed in the same outfit she was wearing earlier. 
"Ready?" She asked.
I nodded and grabbed her hand, swinging it back and forth.
We walked  down the back stairway that led us to the deck. We walked across the deck, and onto the sand. The sky was already dark, the sun must've gone down when we were inside. A few stars were seen in the dark sky, soon more would eventually appear.
We walked closer to the shore where the guys and the fire pit were. I could smell the smoke and hear Niall's laughter. 
"Took you guys long enough," Liam said once he saw us.
Clare squeezed my hand and looked at me, laughing quietly. 
Clare let go of my hand and walked over to Niall. She pointed to the blanket that was draped over his lap, "You using that?" Before he could give an answer, she swiped it off of his lap, "Thanks," she laughed.
"Well, I was planning on using it for my own personal use, but I guess I could share," Niall shrugged.
"And besides, I'd think a large blanket would be an inconvenience to you while playing that lovely instrument," she gestured to his guitar that was set next to him.
"That," he smiled, "is an excellent point." He grabbed his guitar and started to strum some simple cords.   
"You know what Niall, you're the best," she beamed.
"Tell me something I don't know," Niall said rather loudly.
"Come come, Harry," Clare motioned for me. Once I got to her she wrapped the large blanket behind our backs and then wrapped the edges so they overlapped in front of us. We were practically cocooned in the blanket. We slowly sat down on the sand, Clare snuggling in to me. I wrapped my arm around her back and she rested her arms on my legs. We sat, staring at the fire as many stars were appearing in the sky as Niall's peaceful playing was in the background. The guys were having some sort of conversation, but we chose to ignore it.
She nuzzled her head in the nook of me neck where it fit perfectly. Heck, this whole moment was perfect.
"I wish we could stay like this forever, you know," I whispered in her ear. 
She looked up at me but didn't say anything, she didn't have to. I already knew that she felt the same way. We stared into each others eyes, not wanting to break the connection. I felt Clare move her hand, trying to find mine. Once she did, she intertwined her fingers with mine.
I stared at the fire for a few moments and then heard a subtle snore. I looked down at Clare, she head snuggled into my shoulder. Her eyes were closed as she drifted off to sleep. I rested my head on hers and closed my eyes.

Niall's POV
I was strumming along to the guitar, not playing anything in particular. 
"So how's Dani?" Zayn asked Liam.
"Good, she's going on a dance tour next week so she seems really excited about that. But she's been in the studio 24/7," you could tell that he missed her, "What about you? How's your girl?"
I looked over at Zayn who also looked like he missed her, "she's doing great, her career is really kicking off."
"Don't you just wish," Louis interrupted, "that our girlfriends could've came? I mean, I miss not seeing El, and Im pretty sure you lads are feeling the same way."
"Yeah, me and the girlfriend I don't have," I said then let out an awkward laugh.
"Don't worry," Zayn patted me on the back, "She'll come eventually." I nodded then went back to playing the guitar. 
"Harry's lucky, being able to see Clare," Louis continued. 
I glanced over at them sitting in front of the fire. They were sleeping, cuddled in to each other. A pang of jealousy hit me. I didn't know why though. I looked over at Clare, her face soft and peaceful. Why can't I find a girl like her? She's so cool and funny, she doesn't let anything bother her. Not to mention, she's fit. I looked away, trying to focus on my guitar. I can't think like that, she's Harry's girl. He's like a brother to me. 
Just then, I felt something hit my arm. I ignored it then it happened again. 
"What the hell is that?" I swiped around and found Louis snickering with a bag of marshmallows. He chucked another at my face. I set my guitar down, grabbed the marshmallow off the ground and chucked it back at him. 
Louis laughed and then put his finger to his mouth, telling us to shush. He grabbed a handful and threw them at Harry and Clare. Clare shuttered. She jumped and totally spazzed out, her arm hitting Harry in the face. His eyes shot open and he yelled in pain. 
"God, Clare! What happened?" He yelled.
"Oh my god! I don't know what just happened!" 
We all just started cracking up at them, Clare trying to look at Harry's face.
"Aw, it's all red! I'm so sorry!" She awed.
"No, no, it's okay, really," he said then noticed marshmallows all around them. He picked one up, "Who did this?" 
Louis quickly pointed to me while Liam, Zayn and I pointed to him, all with smirks on his face.
"Dude," Louis put his hands in the air, "I swear it was not me!"
"Hmm," Clare said to Harry, "It's 3 against 1, who should we believe?" 
"Hmm," Harry repeated cheekily, "I don't know."
They gave each other devious smiled and Clare leaned in to whisper something in Harry's ear, who then nodded. In an instant, they both got to their feet, pounced on Louis, stole the bag of marshmallows, and started chucking them at all of us. A marshmallow hit my face, I caught it when it bounced off and chucked it back. Liam and Zayn were doing the same but Louis was just grabbing handfuls of them and collecting them for later. We were all laughing while throwing marshmallows at each other. 
"Attacker to the north!" Louis screamed and ducked behind a chair, ready to strike. We followed his glance, and there was a figure walking towards us.
"Who's that?" I asked.
"I have no clue," Zayn said.
"It's okay, guys," Clare started, "It's just Sarah."
I looked and the figure was more clear now, and you could obviously tell that it was her.
"Sarah," Clare yelled to her, "What're you doing here?"
Sarah got closer and approached the fire, "Hi to you too."
"Hey Sarah," I waved to her.
"Hey Niall," she beamed, "see, I always knew you were my favorite!"
I laughed, "aw thanks."
Sarah has gotten much more cooler around us. She still has her moments of course, but she doesn't scream anymore.
"So, uh, mom says its time to come home," Sarah told Clare.
"I wasn't aware I had a curfew," Clare commented. 
"Yeah, but she wants to talk about the trip or something tonight. And besides, she called you like 5 times and you didn't answer, so she's pissed. You know how she is."
"Oh, crap. I left my phone inside. Well, I'll be there in like 10 minutes, just let me grab my things from the house," she said to Sarah who nodded then retreated back to her house.
"Come on, I'll go with you," Harry held his hand out to Clare who shook her head at him.
"Fine then, I guess I'll just stay here with the guys."
"No, silly." She walked behind him, "ready?" 
He looked confused, then Clare jumped on his back. He started spinning in circles, Clare screaming loudly. He then started running towards the deck. All you could hear was laughter.

Clare's POV
"Harry!!" I screamed as he sprinted towards the house. I felt like I was gonna fall off of his back,  but I knew he was holding on to me. As soon as he got to the steps, he dramatically fell to the ground in puffs. 
"Oh, get up you big baby," I laughed as I skipped up to the deck. Harry got on his feet and followed me inside. 
Once we got to his room, I checked my phone. Great. 4 miscalls from mom. 
Harry grabbed my waist and spun me around, slowly kissing me.
"Harry," I said between kisses, "I really have to go."
"Can't it wait," he continued.
"No," I pushed away from him and headed for the door.
"Aw, come on Love."
"You coming or not?" I asked him.
"Coming," he grumbled as he followed me out to the deck. When we finally got to the shore, he grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers together.
"You know, I'm excited about next week," I told him as we walked the beach to my house.
"Me too. Just me, and you, in a cabin, in-" 
"Wait," I cut him off, "a cabin?" 
"Yeah, didnt I tell you?"
"No! You told me it was a surprise!" 
"Oh well yeah. A cabin on the mountains, I guess I'm not good with surprises,"'he shrugged.
"Now Im beyond excited!"
We eventually got to my house. I let go of his hand and put my hands on his shoulders. I stared into his eyes that were glistening from the moonlight. 
"I love you, Harry."
He leaned into me, kissing me softly. We broke apart and I saw a smile on his face. I slowly turned towards my house, my eyes still on him.
"See ya later," I waved and started to walk up the shore, still feeling Harry's eyes on me.

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