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Clare Sampson and Harry Styles have been dating for the summer. They live right next door to each other. What will happen when Clare has to leave for college and One Direction has to go on another world tour? Will their love stay bonded or will they start to drift? They will have to find a way to handle being away from each other when they were so used to being together every single day.


2. Ignore It

We walked into a large restaurant in LA.
It was quite busy and there was a line to wait for tables.
"Could we go somewhere with no wait?" Niall asked.
"Come on, I heard this place was really good," Zayn told him.
"It is, we used to come here all the time," I told them as we walked into a room where people were waiting. As soon as we walked in, I heard a scream coming from a nearby girl. The boys waved and nodded to a girl that was freaking out. Others started to take out their cameras. I saw Liam pull up his sweatshirt hood over his head. All six of us made our way up to the reservation desk, keeping our heads low. I felt Harry grab my hand and I immediately felt a smile come across my face.
"Uh, hello," Zayn said to the lady behind the desk who looked to be about mid-thirties. She looked at Zayn and then said with a friendly smile, "Hello, how may I help you?" She looked around and noticed all the stares and whispers we were receiving, "You boys are from One Direction, right?"
"Yes, we are," Zayn answered.
"Okay, well if you'll follow me to your table," she started walking away when Liam cut her off.
"Uh, aren't all these people waiting?"
"Yes, well we don't want you out here, it's a hazard." She insisted.
"Really, we could wait. It's alright," Liam suggested.
"Nonsense!" She motioned for us to follow her.
"Well if you insist," Niall shrugged eagerly and followed her into the large dining room. 
Once we were seated, we were still getting stares from everyone around us. 

Harry's POV
"Just ignore them," I whispered to Clare who was sitting next to me.
"Go say hi," she whispered back.
"I'd rather be with you," I smiled. I don't know what it was about her, but I was head over heals for her. I never thought that I would spend so much time thinking about her. She smiled back at me and nodded. 
I looked over at the boys who kept on nodding and waving at people who were staring at us with excited smiles. I should be used to all this attention, but I'm really not. It still is quite overwhelming.
We all already ordered our food and were waiting while getting awkward stares. 
"So, uh, where's the first stop on your tour?" Clare asked, obviously trying to spark conversation. 
"London," Louis said excitedly.
"You ever been there?" Zayn asked me.
"Yeah, actually I was there for three weeks," Clare said quietly as she stared down at her lap.
"Why such a long vacation?" Liam cut in.
"To get away," she said blandly.
"From?" I asked with a look of concern. 
She slowly looked up at us, her face unreadable, "Uh, it doesn't matter." 

Clare's POV
"Uh, it doesn't matter." I was taken aback from the memory of my mom picking me up from school one day with Luke and Sarah in the car. Her eyes were puffy and she drove right past the turn that she'd take to go home.
"Mom, you missed the turn," I told her.
"No, Clare. I didn't." 
I looked at her with a confused look.
"We're leaving," she looked at me for a moment before turning her eyes back to the road.
"Excuse me?" She didn't answer me.
"Mom?!" I said, my tone panicked.
"We are on our way to the airport. I had the help pack your clothes," she said quickly then added a sniffle.
"Where are we going, Mommy?" Sarah finally said.
"That's not important, honey," she responded.
"How long will we be gone?" I asked, anger filling my mind.
"Until everything blows over," she explained.
What was she talking about? "What do you mean? I have school. I have a life that I can't just leave!"
"Everything's taken care of," my mom said quickly.
"Why are we even doing this?! Where's dad? Why isn't he coming?" 
She looked at me nervously then pointed to the glove box. I opened it and found a magazine. I looked at the cover and sure enough, a photo of my dad leaving a small apartment with a blonde lady was shown. I quickly turned to the page that the article was on. There was also a photo of me, Sarah, Luke, and my mom walking without my dad. I hated rumors, and frankly, we were usually apart of it. 
Before I knew it, we were at the airport, boarding a plane for London.

Harry's POV
I could tell something was wrong with Clare, but I couldn't ask because I could tell that she didn't want to talk about it. We sat there in silence for a few moments, everyone staring at Clare. I looked over at her; she was staring at her placemat, just blanking out. I extended my arm under the table and  gently placed my hand on her knee. She looked up at me and smiled.
"You okay?" I asked. 
"Yeah, just fine," she awkwardly laughed, noticing the guys looking at her, "Honestly, I'm fine!" 
They guys just nodded and turned their attention back to each other, talking about who knows what. I didn't care, I just turned back to Clare.
"You sure?" I said quietly, my hand still on her knee. She placed her hand on top of mine and squeezed it gently. 
"Yeah, just memories is all." 
I nodded and squeezed her knee. She squirmed a little, not expecting it. I laughed and did it again.
"Stop that!" She laughed as she swiped my hand off of her leg. 
"Hmm I don't think I want to!" I laughed.
She quickly slapped my hand away then poked me in my side, causing me to jump. 
"You did not just do that," I warned jokingly. 
"But what if I did?" She said while putting her finger in the air, ready to strike.
"Then I will get revenge," I replied.
"Oh, I'm so scared!" She quickly poked my side again, once again causing me to squirm. 
I stared her down, a smirk planted on her face. 
I heard laughter from the guys.
"What?" I asked, looking around the room.
"Nothing," Zayn chuckled, "you guys just act like you're awkward 12 year olds flirting with each other."
"Actually, poking has been and still is my flirting technique," Clare said with a straight face. We just gave her a weird look until a smirk broke upon her lips and she started cracking up, "I can't believe you believed me! Because obviously I would randomly go up to guy and start poking him!" 
"You never know!" Niall shrugged while looking around for the waitress. We all followed Niall's glance and saw our waitress coming with a large tray of food. She looked around my age and was obviously a fan. She came over to us with a huge smile planted on her face. I just laughed to myself. She slowly placed our food in front of us.
"Thanks," Louis smiled at her.
She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Instead, she just nodded and walked off while looking back at us every once in a while. 
"Well that was weird," Clare said while picking up her fork.
"Nah, you should see girls at like a meet and greet. Half of them are crying," Louis said casually.
"Just be glad you have millions of girls that love you!" Clare laughed.
"Trust me, I am so thankful for our fans! I'd do anything for them," Louis responded.
"Yeah," Zayn started, "without them, we'd be nowhere."
"Clare," Louis looked over at her.
"Yes, Louis?" 
"Say something." He demanded.
"Just do it."
"What shall I say?"
"Uh," he was thinking, "what about Louis is my favorite band member?"
"Excuse me, but I beg to differ," I interrupted.
"No, it's a true fact! But say it!" Louis said.
"Louis is my favorite band member. I still don't know why-" Clare was cut off.
"Louis is my favorite band member," Louis repeated but in a horrible imitation of an American accent.
A look of confusion spread across her face, "are you mocking me, Louis Tomlinson?" 
Louis kept on trying to say the phrase, "Say it again!"
"Just say it Clare," Niall said between bites, "he's just trying to perfect his American accent."
"Fine, Louis is my favorite band member."
"See, was that so hard?" Zayn laughed.
"Yes, it was torture," Clare said sarcastically. 
"Looey is my faevorit band mehmber," he said slowly.
"That's actually pretty legit," Clare said while taking a bite of her pasta.
"Thanks, I try," Louis said in his American accent which made Clare burst out laughing causing many excited heads to turn our direction. 
I heard our names being said all around us and smiled knowing the fact that we have an amazing fan base. I looked over at Clare who looked uncomfortable. She saw my glance and smiled at me. 
Liam's phone started to ring abruptly. He reached into his pocket and  look of disappointment spread across his face. "It's management." 
"Don't answer it," Louis suggested it.
"Why?" Clare wondered.
Another ring went off.
"Because whenever they call us personally, it's either bad news or something last minute," I explained.
Another ring.
"So you gonna answer it?" Clare asked.
"Uh, let's just pretend that I'm in the shower right now and you guys are at the beach, okay?" Liam responded casually.
"Sounds like a solid plan," Zayn told.
The waitress came back and gave us the check. After we payed, we headed back for the car. As soon as I stood up from my chair, a little girl came up to me, she looked around 8. She had a braid going past her shoulder and an excited look was planted on her face.
"Harry? Can I please have your autograph?" She said quietly.
"Of course you can," I smiled at her as she handed me a drawing pad and a pencil. I opened it up and saw drawn pictures, some of flowers, people, or animals. They were quite cute.
"Did you draw these?" I asked while flipping through.
"Yeah," she answered me with a toothy grin.
"You're a great artist," I flipped though until I saw a blank page. I titled the drawing pad so she  couldn't see what I was doing. I put on a concentrating face and started to doodle a picture of her. I heard her giggle as I kept drawing. I was horrible at drawing so hopefully she'll like the poorly drawn picture of her. I then signed it with a small message that said never stop drawing, you're amazing. Then I did my signature. I closed the book quickly and passed it back to her. She laughed again and flipped through the pages. When she saw what I did, her eyes widened and a huge smile spread across her face. 
"Thank you," her wide eyes looked up at me.
"As you can see, you're much better at drawing than I am," I said pointing to my doodle.
"I love it," she stared down at the page. She waved to me and walked back to her table.
"That was adorable," I heard Clare say from behind me.
I turned around and saw her smiling at me. 
"You're really good with kids," she walked up to me and I wrapped my arms around her. I really do love this girl. 
"Thanks," I smiled as I let go of her. She grabbed my hand and we followed the guys out to the car. 
After about 5 minutes in the car, I felt my phone vibrate. 
I looked at my phone and groaned, "Hey guys, guess who's calling me."
"They just called me too, but I ignored it," Niall said.
My phone finally stopped ringing and I put my phone back into my pocket. Moments later, Zayn's phone started to ring. 
"Great, glad to know where I stand on managements list of favorites," Louis said rather loudly from the drivers seat.
I couldn't help but laugh at Louis' snarky comment. 
Zayn ignored the call and we kept driving home. 
When we got there, we walked up to the front door and opened it. Just then, Louis' phone started to ring. 
"So I guess they didn't forget about me!" Louis exclaimed.
He took his phone out of his pocket and set it on the kitchen counter. He walked to the fridge and took out a bottle of water. 
"So what the plan for today?" Liam asked.
"I kinda want to go surfing, haven't done that in a couple weeks," Louis said as he looked at his missed call on his phone. 
"Yeah," Niall added, "I've pretty much got the hang of it now."
"Is my suit still here from last time?" Clare asked me.
"Yeah, it's up in my bathroom," I responded. 
"I'm gonna go change then," she started walking to the staircase. 
"What do you think management wants?" Zayn asked.
"Who knows, it's management," Liam responded.
"I think they've given up on reaching us now," Niall added.
"Well, hopefully," I mumbled. 
"I'm gonna go change," Niall told us. 
I nodded my head and followed him upstairs to go change too. I got to my room and opened my door. Clare was standing by my bed, her bare back to the door, her bottoms already on. I don't think she heard me come in. She was slipping her bikini top on. 
"Hey, Harry," she said. Oh, so she did notice me come in. "Do you mind tying my suit?" She asked, holding her bikini strings behind her back. I walked over to her, kissed her cheek, then grabbed her strings.
"You know, you'd look much better without this on," I whispered to her.
I noticed her cheeks turn a slight shade of pink as I continued to tie her suit. When I finished, she turned around to me.
"You know," she whispered while tugging at the bottom of my shirt, "you'd look so much better without this on." She pulled my shirt up and I pulled it over my head. "See, much better."
She wrapped her arms around my waist and stepped closer to me, she put her arms around my neck and pressed her body against mine. She leaned in to me and closed the gap between our faces. She kissed me passionately and I responded by doing the same. Her passionate kisses soon turned in to rough ones. I felt her tongue swipe against my mouth, asking for entrance. I happily obliged. I held her tighter against me, her hands went to my hair. She was slowly running her fingers through it. I picked her up, continuing what we were doing. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, my hands were placed under her thighs, holding her up. She had no idea how much I wanted her. I took a step backwards, causing me to sit on the bed. She was sitting straddled across my lap, our mouths working together as one. I laid down so she was now on top of me. I continued to kiss her as she placed her hands on my abs. Her touch made me go crazy. I wrapped my arms around her lower back and I have no clue how long we stayed in this position. She removed her lips from my mouth and slowly made her way to my neck, kissing slowly, finding my weak spot. She made me moan slowly. She came back to my mouth and started kissing me passionately again. I raised my hands to her back and started playing with her bikini strings. She didnt say no, she just kept on kissing me. I was working my fingers, trying to untie her double knot. Just then, her phone started ringing loudly. She suddenly stopped, making me feel disappointed. 
 "Just ignore it," I whispered.
"I can't," she slowly got off of me, "what if its my dad?" 
Sometimes I couldn't figure this girl out. She walked over to the dresser and grabbed her phone and answered it. 
There was a silence and her eyes widened. She suddenly looked nervous. 

Clare's POV
"Is this Clare Sampson?" An unfamiliar voice said.
"Uh, yes, who's this?"
"This is Scott Neilson."
"I'm apart of One Directions management, are you around one of the boys right now?"
I looked over at Harry, confusion across his face.  "Management," I mouthed to him.
"Shit," he whispered as he stood up and walked towards me. He extended his hand to me and I handed him my phone. 
"Hey, it's Harry." 
He walked back to his bed and sat down. 
"What do you mean?" He asked. 
After a moment he said, "but we can't. You guys promised. Look, I don't care if its already sold out, this is our break." He walked to the balcony that was connected to his room. He opened the screen door and shut it behind him. I just sat on the bed, going over everything that just happened. Harry is so hot. Those last heated moments were amazing. I got lost in remembering what just happened but then noticed Harry walk back in, phone in his hand. He handed me it and then sat on the bed, looking upset. 
"What's going on Harry?" I asked, I placed my hand on his leg, hoping to comfort him.
"You shouldn't of answered the phone."
"How was I supposed to know that it was management?" I contorted.
"It was an unknown caller!"
"So? So is half the phones my dad uses to call me." 
"How come?"
"I don't know, he gets his number changed like every month because he's weird like that." I said.
"So what's going on?" I repeated. He looked down at my hand on his knee. He looks really upset.
"Tour starts earlier." Is all he said. I immediately felt a pang on disappointment but decided to hide it.
"You should be happy, you love what you do," I said with a soft smile.
"Yeah, but I also love you," he looked me in the eye.
"I know that, but I'm always here for you," I leaned in to him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. 
"So you're not sad at all?" He looked disappointed.
"Of course I'm upset, that means less time with you." 
"It doesn't seem like it," he mumbled.
"That's because I've had a lot of practice at hiding my feelings," I confessed.
He looked surprised, "what do you mean?"
"It doesn't matter, that part of my life is behind me. The only thing that I care about is my future and the fact that you're going to be apart of it." I leaned in more and kissed him softly. 
"I love you so much," he told me. 
"I love you too." 

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