Are You My Saviour?

Hey, the names Mae, I'm your average teenage girl you can say. By average you mean bullied everyday of my life, than ya thats me. Whenever this happens I always go to this huge big fat tree deep in the forest to think and just get away from everyone but one day there was a surprise bound to happen in that forest


4. Hot Breath

Mae's P.O.V

  I started walking home after what had just happened. Then I realized, he never chose a date or time. I felt so stupid for not mentioning that, but i couldn't think of anything after looking into the sharp green eyes. They were beautiful, he was beautiful, I don't know what he saw in me when he started to talk to me, wait why was I talking to him I never talk to anyone in this town. Let alone this whole world except for my family, mainly only my mom, dad, sister and grandmother. I felt like I was hypnotized by his voice, it was so calming and sweet just like sugar. Whoa okay I seriously need to take a nap before I think about him, its just too many emotions inside of me right now and I'm definitely not use to it. Once I got out of the forest I walked all the way back to my little house and got inside.

  "Mae you are just in time for dinner, we are having chicken and potatoes", my grandmother smiled knowing that its my favourite thing to eat.

  "Yes my favourite!" I smiled as I sat in the middle of our kitchen island, we all started eating and of course I went in for seconds for the potatoes. Come on who doesn't love potatoes? 

  "Okay Mae thats enough for tonight," my mom gave me a weird look because I had eating over ten pieces of potatoes and I was in the middle of eating another one. I probably looked really stupid but i didn't really care. After I finished I helped clean up and I later went upstairs to my bedroom. As I was lying down listening to music my older sister Joanna walked in the room with two cute outfits in her hand.

  "Okay I'm going on a date tonight with Tyler and I need to choose between these two outfits which one?" She said as she held up the two.

  "The one on the right looks really nice", I said as I pointed to the beautiful red tight dress with long sleeves paired with a pair of black stilettos. "It looks classy and sexy and the same time so  its perfect for your date", I smiled at her.

  "Thank you so much and remember I trust you with this." She said as she gave me a loving look. My sister was the prettiest in my family she had long dark brown hair and hazel eyes like me, she was short and had a curvy body but she was very fit. Well I am tall and average weight so really I'm still a single digit jean size and I have reddish brown hair with hazel eyes. Im some what attractive but I don't think I could ever compare to my sister. She doesn't even have a flaw, we also look nothing a like. She looks a lot like my father and I look like my mother and my grandmother. I guess we could some what of an attractive family I mean we are not ugly I hope. After that whole situation it turned out to be 12:00 am. I guess I spent all my time thinking instead of doing other things. So I decided to go to bed. As I was changing I felt as if someone was watching thank god I was turned around from the window or else it would've been even more awkward. As I turned of the lights and hooped into my bed and closed my eyes. As I was about to fall asleep I felt a hot breath on my neck I got the same feeling that I felt when I found out that it was Harry. Wait was Harry here? I quickly shifted and the hot breath vanished. I quickly ignored it and soon I fell asleep. Later to see Harry in my dreams. 

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