Are You My Saviour?

Hey, the names Mae, I'm your average teenage girl you can say. By average you mean bullied everyday of my life, than ya thats me. Whenever this happens I always go to this huge big fat tree deep in the forest to think and just get away from everyone but one day there was a surprise bound to happen in that forest


3. Her

Harry's P.O.V

  "So are you happy that you got to meet your mate for the first time?" Niall smirked as he stepped into our flat's living room. Today I was sent out to meet my mate for the first time, she was breath taking, for years and years I was waiting for her to finally exist. I got the message years ago to know that she existed, I was so excited to her that from our king. The king of vampires of course. I knew it was a little weird to be waiting for my mate to grow up all these years but its the price you pay when you have no choice but to fall in love with a human. Soon I will change her but I want to let her live her life a bit while she can. First I have to make her fall in love with me which might take a while, she seems very quiet and a little too innocent for my liking, but thats what makes her special to me. I've been watching her everyday in that forest making sure no one would ever dare touch her. I've seen her cry, sing, write stuff and the worst thing, seeing her self harm. Its hard enough see just loose blood that smelt amazing running down her arms, but knowing thats she is in pain and hurt and also knowing I could've been there to comfort her hurts. But I couldn't of done that it would've been too early. Now I know I'm ready and I know that she will be mine.


So I've decided to put this off hold and edit it a bit. I thought it was so rushed and it wasn't me.

I'm really hoping you would like this better with more detail and actually have sweet chapters

before the dirty ;). Anyways if you want to be in my story just comment your names,eye colour,

special talents, hair colour, and which boy you want a little romance with. Im only letting 3 lovely

ladies to volunteer for this so I shall pick the ones that I really think are a great character for this book so as always comment up :)


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