Are You My Saviour?

Hey, the names Mae, I'm your average teenage girl you can say. By average you mean bullied everyday of my life, than ya thats me. Whenever this happens I always go to this huge big fat tree deep in the forest to think and just get away from everyone but one day there was a surprise bound to happen in that forest


2. Encountered

  Hey, it's me mae I have reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. Im 17 years old, I live in England and I'm in my final year in this hell hole I call high school. People say high school is like the best time of your life but its certainly not for me. You see I've been bullied for a long time, to be honest I used to be popular and had the best boyfriend ever. But all things started going downhill after we broke up, I caught him cheated on me with my sworn enemy as you can say. Britney Scott. She really ruined my life after all the hate I started going through depression, it felt like no one was there for you. I started not to talk to anyone because I was scared of trusting or loving again and everyone started to think I was a freak, thats when the bullying started.

Mae's P.O.V

  "Hey slut, how many guys have you slept with today?" Britney greeted me when I walked into class of course the class started laughing at me and the teacher had to settle them down. As usual I went and sat at my usual seat in the back were I'm left alone with my thoughts. Class after class the endless classes I can't wait to be free out of by the end of the year. The slow school day finally ended, 'today actually wasn't that bad' I thought to myself, once I reached to the front of the school I saw my mom in the car waiting for me. My mom, my best friend actually since I had no friends at school she was the only real one. To be honest my mom is very wealthy so we do have a big modern looking house, part of why I was so popular.

  "Mom I'm going for a walk, I won't be too long!" I screamed to my mom as she was working in her office. "Ok sweety don't forget dinner is at 6:00!" she also screamed back at me when I was stepping out of the house. I have this weird obsession of going in the woods to this big old tree were I can escape from all the hate and lies. As I was walking in the woods to the tree I heard a branch snap. I froze in place, I felt someone breathing on my neck so I quickly spin around. No one was even there, I was a little scared scared of what just happened.

  "No need to be scared beautiful", I heard a deep raspy voice whisper in my ear. I quickly spun around to find a gorgeous green eyed boy right in front of me. "What is a beautiful girl doing here all by herself in the woods, its very dangerous", his beautiful voice echoed inside of me.

  "Im just on a little w- walk thats all" I stuttered a bit. 

  "Well can I join you on that walk if you don't mind."

  "T- thats f- fine", I stuttered again.

  "No need to be shy beautiful", he said with a smirk, I looked down and blushed a bit, 'WAIT IVE NEVER BLUSHED BEFORE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU MAE!' I thought to myself. We finally stated our walk in the woods and he started a conversation, "So whats your name beautiful?"

  "Its Mae whats yours?"

  "My name is Harry", I blushed to myself what a beautiful name for a beautiful man. 'Wait what am I saying I can't already be in love with this guy I barely know him' I thought to myself. Me and harry started talking a bit about our selves with many awkward silences but I loved every minute of this, for one someone actually encountered me without actually hating on me. Yes I might have developed a small crush on Harry but who wouldn't with his charm. I was inter opted from my thoughts by harry asking me "Would you um like to go maybe on a date sometime to you know get to know each other", his deep raspy voice had made it more sound like a demand than a question so I was a little taken aback.

  "I um sure, I um would like t- to go." I stuttered.

  "Good I will pick you up at seven so wear something sexy for me babe." He said with a smirk. And just like that he left, I was just standing there overwhelmed of what just happened, he is so mysterious and it just made me want more of him. Its like he cast a spell and I'm under it.

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