Step Siblings

Kristina, or Kris is just your average southern girl from South Carolina. When her dad meets someone special over the internet, she is forced to move to England to live with her new step family. Will she get along with her step sibling and his mates, or will it all come crashing down? (Sorry! I'm bad at descriptions! It is actually better than this makes it sound! I promise!)


7. Spending Time With Friends

Harry's POV

"Yes sir!" She yelled, coming towards the door.


"Guys! Hide!" Zayn yelped, running for safety. We all did the same. I ran into a janitors closet, shutting the door quietly behind me.


As we heard the door close, we all came out of safety. Relief flooded through my veins. That was close.


"Come on, guys. Let's go to my house. I need to make sure that she knows the rules around my house." I led them out the door, getting in the car and heading out.


We soon arrived at the house, parking the car in the 4 car garage. We all got out and by the time we were inside it was already 6:05.


I looked around and she was nowhere in sight. They must've been in the basement.


"Follow me!" I whisper-yelled, slightly pushing the door to the basement, making sure that the door didn't creak.


"Okay, so what game are we gonna play?" She asked, looking through a bucket of video games.


"COD?" Chase suggested, shrugging his shoulders. Bradley agreed, nodding his head and making an approving face. Kind of like the 'Obama' meme.


"Sounds good to me." She picked up the game, inserting the disc in the X-box. "I'm gonna go get some drinks. You guys want anything?"


"Pepsi?" Bradley asked in a questioning voice.


"Sure, and you Chase?"


"Um, can I have a Pepsi, too?"


"Yup, 3 Pepsi's coming up. Want any snacks?"


"Whatcha got?"


"Pretzels, popcorn, Popsicles, really anything you want."


"Doesn't matter. Just whatever you got."


"Alright. I'll be right back in a few."


They both nodded.


"Guys! We gotta go! Hide! Again!" I told them, running into the living room and jumping on the couch, the rest right behind me. We made sure we looked natural, so when we came out we weren't acting suspicious.


She walked in a few seconds later, stopping and looking at us.


"What are you doing?" She mused, letting out an amused smile.


"Oh, um. Just watching the telly." I reassured her.


"Then why isn't it on?" She popped her hip out and crossed her arms, the same smile on her face.


"We just turned it off when we heard you coming."


"Why are you all on top of each other?"


I got nervous. Stupid boys! Why couldn't they find their own spot on the sofa instead of sitting on me?


"Oh, ah, uh... We were doing a... A, um, dog pile?" My voice got higher at the end, coming off as more of a question.


"Okay?" I can't believe she actually bought it. "Weird boys." She muttered under her breath, going into the kitchen.


I followed behind, pushing the rest of the boys off of me. I walked into the kitchen, ready for interrogation.


"So, what were you doing?" It was my turn to cross my arms.


"I was in the basement playing video games with my friends." She shrugged. Well, she was awfully honest.


"What are you doing now?" Surely she'll lie. Why is she being so honest?


"I'm getting snacks for us." She looked into the cabinets, pulling out a bag of popcorn. She then grabbed two more and shut the door. She put them in the microwaves.


Yes, we had four microwaves. Since the boys practically lived here, we needed more than one so we could cook our frozen dinners in a short amount of time.


While they popped, she reached into the candy cabinet, pulling out a large bag of M&M's and setting them on the counter. She also grabbed a bag of Butterfingers and a bag of Snickers. She must have brought those from America, because we don't have those candies in the UK, besides Snickers.


When the microwave beeped, she carefully took them out, setting them on the counter, along with the sweets. She grabbed a big bowl, and poured all of the popcorn in it. She also took the M&M's and put them in with the popcorn.


I gave her a weird look.




"Why did you put the candy in the popcorn?" I pulled a disgusted face, looking at her like she was alien.


"It's a popular, delicious snack in SC."




"Whatever." She rolled her eyes. She looked so cute when she did that.


She then grabbed 3 Pepsi's out of the fridge and went back to the basement with the rest of the food.


I went back to the living room and we all sighed really loudly, hoping that they would hear and get the jist. She came back up and sighed as well.


"Would you like to come?" She huffed. Bradley and Chase obviously asked her to invite us.




So we all went down to the basement and played COD for hours on end, Kris beating us every time.


A/N: Helloooo! *In Marcus Butler voice* Okay, I know it's been like over a week since I've updated this book! I'm sorry and I know that is is super short and boring, but I'm going to post another chapter of this later, and it's super fun to write! Read my other Movellas as well! I just started one yesterday called 'No One Is Safe'. It's a horror One Direction fanfic! Love you my Lilies! Keep favoriting, liking, commenting, and fanning! LOVE YOU LOADSSS!!!!!! <3 xx If you read this comment 'Reeses Cups are my favorite candy! (And they really are my favorite! So yummy! Always have been since I was a baby! I take after my dad!)





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