Step Siblings

Kristina, or Kris is just your average southern girl from South Carolina. When her dad meets someone special over the internet, she is forced to move to England to live with her new step family. Will she get along with her step sibling and his mates, or will it all come crashing down? (Sorry! I'm bad at descriptions! It is actually better than this makes it sound! I promise!)


1. Meeting Them

"Alright! Here we are!" My dad exclaimed as he pulled up to a decently large house. It was very nice, but not too big. It looked warm, cozy and inviting. I still wasn't too happy about the situation, but who knows? Maybe it'll grow on me?


My dad met this woman online, her name is Anne. We'd just pulled up to her house. This will be my very first time meeting her and her family. I decided to give her the benifit of the doubt and give her a chance. She would be my step-mother soon, so may as well, right?


I got out of the car, sighing as I did so.


"Sweetie, it'll be okay. Just give it a chance." My dad reassured me. "And you'll love Anne. She's great."


I scoffed, and he gave me the puppy dog eyes. "Fine!" I gave in. You see, me and my dad have a great father-daughter bond. I loved him to peices and confided in him. He was the best you could ask for.


"You must be Kristina!" An older, yet still extremely gorgeous woman pulled me in for a hug, her strong Juicy Couture smell filling my nostrils. I hugged back, lightly.


"Yes, but please, call me Kris!" I smiled sweetly, my southern accent seeping through, fresh from the streets of South Carolina. I was from Greenville, or the ghetto part of SC. I didn't follow the trends, so I am not in any way ghetto, nor do I plan to be.


I hoped I fit in here. I was a model back in America, but I'm not sure if I will be accepted here.


I had long, dirty blonde hair that was so dark it was almost brown, bright blue eyes and these almost naturally red lips. (A/N: This is Barbara Palvin I'm describing. She's on the cover. I absolutely love her. She is a Hungarian Model and she is so gorgeous and down to earth. You should look her up. Back to the story) I wasn't the tallest, about 5 foot 5, but I looked taller, my long, slender legs gave the illusion. I was very slim, but not a stick. My personality? I am a very bubbly, sweet person, but if you push my buttons, I have a very sassy, rude side that you'd wish you didn't come across.


"Come in! Let me show you around!" Anne pulled me inside. "This is the living room." As we entered the room, 5 boys were preoccupying the couch. I didn't know which one was my brother, so I waited for Anne to address him. They hadn't even acknowleged our presence. Anne cleared her throat.


"Ahem." I giggled as she did that. "Harry, this is your soon-to-be sister, Kristina, but you can call her Kris," As she said that, the brunette with curly hair looked up. He had gorgeous green eyes that took your breath away. I smiled and gave a small wave.


Anne said she needed to help my father with something so she left and said we could finish the tour later.


"Hi." He said, blankly. Rude much? His friends didn't even look up to see me, and I could tell he didn't look fully at me, either.


"Hey! I'm Kris." I smiled politely, trying to be nice. So much for a good first impression.


The guys all snorted. I was confused, so I just walked out of the room and up the stairs, but not before I heard them say, "Hah! Did you hear her southern accent? So pathetic! There's no way that she's gonna fit in! No one can know that I'm technically related to her, for my reputations sake.", when they thought I was out of ear-shot.


"Yeah! That accents just so... Ew." I heard an Irish accent say,


I felt a tear welling up in my eyes. I walked up the stairs, finding the room with my name on the door. I shut myself in, locking the door, not coming out the rest of the night. I hated Harry. I hated his friends. I hated England. I hated my new life.


People came to my room to see what I was uo to so I just pretended to be sleeping. After they finally gave up, I just closed my eyes and soon was developed into a dream.


Harry's POV

When she had left, we kept on making fun of her. I hadn't gotten a good look at her, but that accent gave me a hint that she probably wasn't the best looking.


I had to pretend that I didn't know her. Just for my reputation.


A/N: So this is my new fanfic! I hope you like it and you should definitely check out my other book: All Is Fair In Love And War. Yeah. Comment, like, fan, favorite, the same thing as usual. Night, My Lilies! <3 xx


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