Step Siblings

Kristina, or Kris is just your average southern girl from South Carolina. When her dad meets someone special over the internet, she is forced to move to England to live with her new step family. Will she get along with her step sibling and his mates, or will it all come crashing down? (Sorry! I'm bad at descriptions! It is actually better than this makes it sound! I promise!)


3. First Day of School (Part 2)

The next three classes went by fast, and it was lunch time already. I had a few girls and guys following me everywhere, giving me compliments at the most random times, and basically worshiping me. It was ridiculous! I'm not used to this kind of attention, and quite frankly, I don't like it. I mean, it made me feel good knowing that people liked me, but I'm almost positive they did it just to suck up.


I heard there was cheerleading tryouts at lunch time, so I decided to attend and try my luck. I was head cheerleader at my old school in America.


"Well, I'm going to cheerleading tryouts, so go get yourselves a good seat in the cafeteria." I told Bradley, Chase, Bonnie, and Molly, otherwise known as the people who treated me like I was a goddess, attending to my every need, following me around, and worshipping the ground I walk on.


They smiled and nodded. Chase winked at me, for what reason, I have no clue. Chase had black hair that fell perfectly across his forehead, with the most gorgeous, crystal blue eyes. he was tall and very fit, more on the pale side, standing at about 5'11. He was indeed, very cute. Bradley was tanned and had dark, shortish brown hair and these soft brown eyes. He was tall, about the size of Chase and was very fit as well. Bonnie had short red, straight hair that fell to her shoulders with a side fringe. She had brown eyes and many freckles dotted all over her beautiful face. She was about 5'8, taller than me and she was not super skinny, but she wasn't big at all. She had the perfect body shape, actually. Molly had long, black hair that fell just below her chest in light curls, accompanied by by her gorgeous hazel eyes. She was about 5'9 and very slender (A/N: Tehehe. Slender Man. :P One of my best friends actually dressed as him for Halloween last year, even though she's like 4'7 and 13 years old. ), leaving me the smallest of the group. I was very jealous. I was so small compared to them! I wish I was as tall and as beautiful as Bonnie and Molly. I was three inches shorter than Bonnie, but with my heels on, just one inch shorter. I like these heels.




I brought back up clothes just in case there were any sports teams that I wanted to tryout for. They walked to the cafeteria, leaving me all alone under a tree in the school yard. I grabbed my track suit out of my bag and my tennis shoes. I ran to the dressing rooms, changing quickly.




I ate an apple for my lunch replacement, since I had something to do during lunch.




All of the girls there, which was about 30-40, started lining up, so I followed the lead and joined in. They would call out a stunt and we all had to do it, starting at the front of the line and going to the end. I was very last, so I had to wait.




After we tried out, they told me I had made it. About 20 girls in all made it. I was so excited. I had a passion for cheerleading. I'm not your average girl. Aside from the fact that I'm a model, I love to sing, dance, act, write songs, cheer, participate in many sports, and play video games when I had spare time. A weird mix of things, I know. Singing, dancing, acting and writing songs are more of a hobby than a dream. I'm not the best singer, but I do it for leisure activity.


I got changed back into my clothes and walked out of the dressing rooms. I was the last one out, because I was the last to audition. I was headed back towards the door when an echo of claps and whistles rang through my ears, signaling me to check what was going on. I turned around, only to come face to face with Harry and his egotistical posy.


"Congratulations. And that was hot." Harry spoke up first.


"You were watching?" I asked.


"Yep, and that was really hot. You were the best one out there." The one with brown, feathery hair and blue-green eyes commented in a slightly higher-pitched voice.


"Why were you watching? Creeps..." I muttered.


Harry scoffed. "We always watch cheerleading tryouts. Haven't missed one for nine years." He paused to smirk at me. I just rolled my eyes and he continued. "I didn't know you did cheer leading?"


"Obviously. You don't know me. We just met. I was head at my old school."


"Well, I was disappointed when I saw you coming out of the dressing room wearing a track suit. No short shorts and tank top." He 'frowned'. I just came closer to him and slapped his arm. "I didn't realize how short you actually are until now." He erupted into laughter and so did his friends.



"Shut up! I havent hit puberty yet!" I screeched. Oh my goodness. Did I really just tell them that I hadn't gone through puberty yet? Way to go, Kris. This just made them laugh even harder, until they were all on the ground, doubled over in laughter.


One of Harry's friends wiped away his tears of hilarity and spoke. "Holy sh-"


I cut him off. "Crap. Holy crap. It's a big turn off when guys cuss. Well, for me atleast."


He cleared his throat. "Ackhem, holy crap!" He proceeded with what he was saying after correcting himself. "If you haven't hit puberty yet, and you look that fine, then what will you look like when you actually hit it?"


"Zayn has a point." Harry said, thinking.


They all stared at me, just studying, as if trying to imagine a more matured Kris. I flipped my hair and walked away, while they just watched me intently. (A/N: I know I use the word 'intently' a lot, and I apologise. Please don't get annoyed with it.)


Harry's POV

"Dude! Your step sister is HOT!" Louis said, adding much emphasis on the word 'hot'.


"And none of you can date her."


"Why not? You gonna be a protective older brother?" Niall said, mimicking a baby voice.


"Oh, no. I'm gonna get her myself!" I exclaimed. "She is fine as hell! No way you'll get her before I do." (A/N: I don't normally cuss, unless it acidentally slips. ;) I'm sorry if there are a few curse words here and there in all of my stories. I use them to put emtion into the story. You may proceed)


"Dude! That's gross! She's your sister!" Liam pointed out, making a very weird disgusted face, his eyes narrowed, scrunching his eyebrows together with his nose flared.


"Hey! There's no real relation. We're not blood siblings, our parents just like each other." I defended myself, hands in the air like a person when they get caught commiting a crime.


"That's still just wrong! Give us a chance to get the girl for once?" Zayn butted into the conversation.


"Fine! Let's just let her pick who she wants to date." I tried to settle the argument, but I knew I was gonna get her before they could say 'One Direction' (A/N: ;{) <-- Gotta mustache. Get it? One Direction? :P)


"We need to know what she's like so we need to follow her around so we know how to make our moves." Niall suggested and it made sense.


"How about you stay at my house tonight-" I was rudely cut off by Louis.


"Like a sleepover? That's girly!"


"No. A manly gathering."


"But it's not a manly gathering. It's a sleepover."


"No sleepovers are for girls, this is simply just a group of mates gathering." I was trying my best to defend my idea, while Louis was trying to claim that it was a girly idea.


"I think we should do something manlier, not have a slumber party."


"Do you have a better idea?!" I snapped.


He hung his head low. "No."


"Do you want to get close to her?"


"Yes." His head hung lower.


"Then I suggest you just go with it." (A/N: Hahaa, anyone else seen that movie? I've seen some of it. Not the whole thing, but about half.)


He nodded his head and sighed as he slowly brought his head back up to face us.


"Alright then. Operation 'Get close to Kris' is officially under go!" I slyly smirked, thinking about the guys' faces when I get her first.


"Hey! We never agreed on a name for this mission!" Of course you could guess who this was.


"Lou, do you really wanna have another argument?"


"I'm just saying! It's like you're trying to make yourself the leader of the group."


"Just shut up! Alright, guys, we will meet here, under this tree. Make sure you get out of class about ten minutes early, and come here as fast as you can." I told them the plan, and they all agreed, except for Louis, who of course, just made more arguments. I swear that kid is a diva.


*After School*

We were under the tree, just waiting until we saw our target. Liam hit my arm, not looking over at me.


"There she is! Talking to..."


"Chase!" We all exclaimed, simultaneously, as well as shuddering.


"What is she doing with him?" Zayn practically yelled.


"Sh! I'm trying to hear what they're saying!" I shushed them.


I listened closely. "Yeah! How about you and Bradley come over to my house tonight at around... 6? We can play video games and I can kick your butt at them!" She plays video games? Man, she really is perfect.


"Alright. I'll see you tonight, babe." He gaver her a kiss on the cheek. She beamed and returned the kiss. Disgusting. How could he kiss her? And call her babe? And wink at her?


We kept our distance, but stayed close enough to know what was going on and where she is headed.


"Come on, let's follow her." Liam whispered, waving his hand to direct us to him as she started walking down the road.


It made it easier and harder to know what she's doing at the same time. Easier because she was walking and we were driving, harder because we had to keep a fair distance which was difficult since she was walking slowly. We couldn't just drive at 1 mph, we'd get arrested.


She walked into a large stone building. We looked at each other and nodded. As she shut the door behind her, Liam pulled into the parking lot. We got out and tip-toed into the huge place. We followed behind her, carefully.


A/N: Okay, I started typing this out at merely 11:30, and it is now 12:59. Sorry for the short, boring chapter. I'm just trying not to give away too much in one chapter. Who do you think she will end up with? Who knows? Oh wait, I do! :P The contest is still on. I don't think I will update my other stories tonight, I'm too tired and can't be bothered. If you read this, comment "My milkshake brings One Direction to the yard, and I'm like 'Get in the van!'" Night, my Lilies! <3 xx



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