Step Siblings

Kristina, or Kris is just your average southern girl from South Carolina. When her dad meets someone special over the internet, she is forced to move to England to live with her new step family. Will she get along with her step sibling and his mates, or will it all come crashing down? (Sorry! I'm bad at descriptions! It is actually better than this makes it sound! I promise!)


2. First Day of School (Part 1)

Kris's POV

I woke up the next morning and groaned as I hit the blaring alarm clock. I decided to skip breakfast and just take a shower. It was my first day at a new school. I need to make a good impression.


I took a 45 minute, steamy shower. It felt nice, like I was washing off all of my burdens.


I got out and dried my hair, brushed it and got my curler. When I was finished, my hair cascaded down my back in long beach waves. I smiled when I was satisfied with my look and moved on to my clothing.


I picked out a navy blue dress that was tight around the chest and waist, but flowy at the bottom. It fell a little lower than mid-thigh, but not quite above my knees. I paired it with a white blazer and a simple pair of white 2 inch heels, which made my legs seem miles long. The white went perfectly with my slightly tanned skin.


I then went on to makeup and just put on a clear lipgloss an a swipe of soft black mascara, on my already long, voluminous eyelashes. I didn't wear foundation or any kind of coverup. Being a model meant perfect, flawless skin, which I just so happened to have. I use a great face wash and have a good eating habit which affects the clearness of my skin.


I was finally ready and grabbed my bag, heading out the door. I texted my dad.


'To: Dad; Hey! I'm walking to school! Love you and see you later. x'


As I was halfway there, I got a text back.


'From: Dad; Okay, and don't forget about your interview for that modeling job after school. Love you, too. See you later, sweetie.'


Shoot! I had forgotten about that! Well, at least I know now!


I walked into the front office. "What can I help you with?"


"Can I get my timestable, Please?" I asked politely, with a sweet smile.


"Of course sweet heart! Name?"


"Kristina Thoennes"


She opened a file drawer, flipping through a stack of manilla folders until she came across mine. "Aha! Here you are! Have a great first day!" She handed me the folder and gave me a warm-hearted smile, which I returned. I wish everyone around here was as nice as her.


"Thank you." She nodded in response and I set off.


I walked out of the office and into the school for the first time. I took a big breath. I learned to be confident, not self-conscious, so I applied that life lesson in this very awkward moment.


Everyone stopped what they were doing, all eyes on me. Guys mouths were wide open, girls in awe. Silence. I exhaled. I continued walking, the only noises were the clicking of my heels on the cold, ceramic tile floors.


I finally found my locker, still holding everyone's gaze. What? Have they never seen an American before?


There was a cute boy standing next to my locker, his own hanging wide open as he took his books out and shoved them into his bookbag.


I spoke up after a while. "Um, hi! I'm new here and I was wondering if you could help me open this locker. I can't get it." I giggled, kind of embarrassed as I fiddled with the lock that refused to open.


He shook his head, the way you do when you're clearing your mind. "Were you talking to me?" He asked, pointing to himself and then looking around. We were the only ones talking in the awkward silence of the hallway, as the students listened and watched at our conversation was if it was the most interesting thing ever.


"Yeah, I was." I smiled.


"U-uh. Y-yeah!" He then opened my locker after I told him the combination.


"Thanks so much!" I kissed him lightly on the cheek and noticed that he blushed a deep shade of red.


"N-n-no prob-blem."


The bell rang and all of the kids in the hallway ran off to their classes. I had to gather my stuff and then find my way to class, making me about 10 minutes late.


I lightly knocked on the door of the classroom. The teacher opened it and gave me a dirty look.


I stepped in the class and gasps and whispers erupted, all eyes fixed on me and never leaving. I shook it off.


"Sorry. I'm new. I got lost. My name is Kristina Thoennes."


"Since you're new, I'll let it slide. If it happens again, it's a detention. Would, you like to introduce yourself to the class?" She asked.


"Thank you, ma'am. And, sure!" I turned to face the class and notice that Harry and his four, rude friends were in this class. Great! Notice the sarcasm? "Well, my name is Kristina Noel Thoennes, but please call me Kris. I'm seventeen, born on October 31st. I am from Greenville, South Carolina, hence the American accent with a southern twang. I am a model, I dabble in singing, acting and songwriting, but for now I'm sticking with the modeling business. I started modeling when I was 13. From then on, my business shot up! I was a very well-known model on America, found on all of the latest issues of the hottest magazines and for the signs of the most popular clothing stores. I don't know if I'm known here in England, but I hope to be someday." I finished my long speech, as all of the guys were practically drooling and gawking. Even Harry and his friends. Cool! Maybe I will fit in here!


"You may take a seat next to Mr.Styles. Mr.Styles, please raise your hand." His hand shot up and I rolled my eyes, mentally sighing. Why did I have to sit next to that jerk?


I strolled over confidently, placing my bum in the seat next to Harry and his friends watching me intently.


"Hey sister." Harry whispered, smirking. All of his friends whispered a 'hi' as well.


I scowled, "Oh, so you're talking to me now, are you?" I snapped, his friends chorusing quiet 'ooh's. "Oh, shut up! Same goes for you." They quickly quietened down. "What about your reputation, huh?"


"You heard that?" He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. I simply nodded, a sarcastic smile plastered on my face.


"Well, it look like you're gonna be more popular than we thought. I mean, we didn't look at you, we just assumed and who would've though you would turn out to be a model? And come on, you have to admit it, you're really hot." I sent him a glare.


"You scared I'm gonna steal your popularity?" I teased, silently imagining myself punching him square in the nose.


"Actually, yes. I'm gonna have to ask you to either hang out with me to keep my popularity up, or stop yourself from being popular."


I rolled my eyes. "I am not gonna hang out with you! And how the heck am I supposed to stop myself from becoming popular? You're delusional!" I whisper-yelled.


"Stop looking all sexy and crap!" He whisper-shouted back. I smirked and felt pleasure throughout my body.


"So you think I'm sexy?" I smirked once again, as he tried to hide the small blush that was obviously creeping onto his cheeks.


"Well, yeah! Who in the world doesn't? You're fit, a model, hot, and perfect in every way!"


I gave him a cheeky smile, and turned forward to face the board. "I am done with this conversation. You WILL avoid me in the hallways unless I come near you, I will NOT stop myself from becoming popular, and you will NEVER EVER be my brother. If you EVER call me sister again, you will never be able to reproduce, we clear?"


They all stared at me, mouths open. Told you I had a sassy side. Harry quickly recovered. "We'll see about that." He looked forward as well, wearing that signature smirk that I just wanted to slap right off of his conceded face.


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