Step Siblings

Kristina, or Kris is just your average southern girl from South Carolina. When her dad meets someone special over the internet, she is forced to move to England to live with her new step family. Will she get along with her step sibling and his mates, or will it all come crashing down? (Sorry! I'm bad at descriptions! It is actually better than this makes it sound! I promise!)


5. A/N At the Beginning/ And FINALLY!!! A chapter!!!

A/N: I know I haven't updated in a bit, so FINALLY a chapter is being posted. Just to let you know, I finished writing all of 'All Is Fair In Love And War' and I will be updating a lot more often for it. Don't worry, it's only begun! And, I'm starting the sequel! I haven't updated, cuz yesterday I got muhh hurr did. (Translation: Yesterday I got my hair done. :P) And today I was extremely busy, as well as all weekend. MY CONTEST IS STILL GOING ON!!! It ends tomorrow. I'll post an authors note when I end it, so if you want a part in it, just comment! And, 8 favorites, 6 likes, 110 reads, and 12 fans?!?! WHATTTT?!?!?!! You're kidding me, right?!?! I love you all sooooooo extremely much!!!! Thank you all, My Lilies! I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!! <3 xx


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Still Harry's POV

We saw Kris walk into a room with an older man and another woman. We stood to the side where we could see inside and hear the conversation.


Kris's POV

"Hello Mr.Vahn, Mrs.Hampton!" I greeted them, pulling them into a hug, separately.


"Kristina, I'm guessing." Mr.Vahn guessed, the slightest hint of a curious edge in his voice. He was a rather short, larger man. a mostly bald, with a little bit of gray hair. His bland, brown eyes looked me over in long glances. I shied away a bit. What if I wasn't good enough to be a model for him? Mrs. Hampton was very tall and thin, her brown hair with a bit of gray infused was pulled tightly into a bun. A few stray hairs flew out. She ran her palm through her hair, feeling the fly-aways. As she did so, she squeezed some hair gel into her soft, smooth palm, running it, once again, on her hair, making the strays stay down. Where the heck did she get the gel? I swear she didn't have it when I came in... Oh well. It will remain a mystery.


"Yes, sir. But call me Kris, please?"


"Yes, Kris, take a seat." I nodded and obeyed, sitting on the soft leather recliner. "How should we start this interview?" He asked, more to himself than anyone else.


"How about the basics?" Mrs.Hampton suggested. I nodded in response. She got up and left for some reason.


"Full name?"


"Kristina Noel Thoennes." This was easy!


"Birth date?"


"October 31st."






"A young one? I like that. When did you start your career as a model?"


"When I was 13 years old."


"Very nice. I noticed you're not from here. Where are you from?"


"Greenville, South Carolina, sir."


"Explains the accent." I giggled quietly. "How tall?"


"5'5" I said, slightly embarrassed. Most models were tall, I'm not.


"Oh. I understand that you can't help how tall you are. If you were to get the job, you would have to wear heels. Any other hobbies?"


"Um, well." I thought for a moment, coming up with a list of all of the things I leisurely do. "Softball, cheer leading, volleyball, American football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and video games." I said the last one quietly, blushing the brightest red you could imagine.


"I see that you are quite athletic. An play video games. You would be a big hit with the guys."


I smiled. "You really think so?"


"I know so. Now back to the interview. I hate to be rude, but you are not the thinnest person. To get this job, I need you to loose some weight, I'm sorry. If you want this job, I will hire you. As long as you do something about your weight."


I got a mix of emotions. Anger, sadness, confusion. It all hit me at once, like a brick. "But, sir, I'm 93 pounds." I pleaded.


"I'm sorry, do you want the job?"


"Yes. I'll take it. Don't worry, I will loose the fat." I said, confidently.


"Ah, great to hear. You will start tomorrow at 7 p.m. That a good time?" I told him that I could make it and he said one last thing. "Before you go, I need you to model some clothes. Go to the back room and Hannah will help you."


I went to the back room and did as he told me, while he looked through my modeling portfolio.


Harry's POV

She was 93 pounds? And she needed to loose weight? I don't think so. This made my blood boil.


"Loose weight? She has the weight of a ten year old!" Liam exclaimed, enraged. "No one should ever treat a girl like that!"


"I know!" Before I could say anything else, she walked out in the clothes she was supposed to be modeling.


She came out in a pair of red skinny jeans and an oversized, off the shoulder sweater with a huge heart on it. It was sexy, if I do say so myself. Why does my 'sister' have to be so attractive?


Her long, dirty blonde hair, almost a brownish color. Those big, sparkling blue eyes and her perfect lips. She was just down-right sexy. Out of all people, she was chosen to be my step-sibling. It was easy to say that she was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. Her small figure made it so much better, so frail and it made her look like the perfect cuddle-buddy. I sighed.


She was perfect in every single way.


Kris's POV

I modeled a few more outfits and showed him my modeling portfolio once more. We looked over it together, commenting on my strengths and weaknesses. I had photoshoot pictures from Victoria's Secret, Hollister, A&F, Seventeen Magazine, and many other stores and magazines.


"Impressive! You start tomorrow, but remember what I said about the weight!" He yelled as I walked out of the door in my original clothes.


I nodded. "Yes sir!" Was the last thing I said before I walked out.


A/N: Okay, so I know that it's sorta short and I apologize. I hope you liked it, and keep putting entries! Love you my Lilies! And if you read this, comment "I love yogurt sometimes, maybe." Hahaa, if you know where that is from, you are awesome! ;) BYEEEE!!!


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