The Land Of Oz

The Land of oz before He came


3. Theodora's tale

       Theodora Was a soft-spoken woman with and gently touched. She had flowing brown hair with brown eyes, Her sister Evanora was a year younger than Theodora but always acted older. Her, Glinda, Ansida, and Evanora contained a good relationship but always thought of others before herself. After Glinda's father died Evanora and her have ruled over the thrown.

  Theodora was going over to Evanora's kingdom and found the yellow brick road to have many cracks on it. Poppy flowers where covering most of it, Which Theodora had to quickly escape them. Poppy flowers where discovered by a man named Agsolofe, who sniffed them, put them around his house, near his bed, all over the place, until he later died from them realizing they where dangerous. She managed to open the heavy gate of the East, which had bars as thick as gold. Eventually she got up into Evanora's castle. "Sister!" she screamed

"Oh Hi Theodora!"

"The Brick road was overrun by poppy flowers!"

"Oh my, we'll have to send out my monkeys."

"Good idea, we need all the help we can get."

Evanora called the monkeys to the rescue.

             The monkeys had failed their mission all returning half-dead.

"No! My monkeys!" Evanora screamed

"Calm down sister."

"Don't tell me to calm down!"

"Sister calm your temper!"

"NO! It my life!" she shot a flurry of flames across the room

"Oh I see, I'm sorry sister. But how can I get my monkeys back?"

"Call Ansida, she will know what to do."

 Later Ansida arrived at her door with her Brown curled up hair, and her red dress.                                                                                                            


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