The Land Of Oz

The Land of oz before He came


2. Glinda and Her Father.

    Glinda and her father where really close, until one day her father had shot her boyfriend Craig when she was 16. Craig was considered a bad influence through his eyes, Glinda hadn't spoke to him for the rest of his life which was only four years after. The King was poisoned, by a masked witch who everyone believed it was Glinda.  Evanora had sent her away to a thousand years of darkness, and all of the people who lived in the North had travled down to the other areas.

     Theodora was very upset by this, and was always good friends with Glinda so she went over to the north side. "Glinda?" she called but got no answer, "It's me Theodora!" she spoke. Soon then Glinda appeared through the fog, wearing a black overcoat which barely showed her blonde hair below her, "Theodora! Its so good to see you." she hugged her.

"Theodora I swear I didn't do it!" Glinda said

"I know, You loved your father no matter what happened."

"Oh! Finally someone believe's me."

"Ansida believes you have done it. And my sister believes you did it."

"Wait a second, who's your sister?"

"Evanora, We decided to tell everyone of Oz not to long ago."

"Oh, wow."

"Well I just wanted to check up on you, Evanora thinks you're to evil for me to see. So I gotta get home! bye!" 

"Thanks for stopping by! At least someone will"

        Glinda walked back in the little castle that was there and slowly walked over to the pit. "Father." she prayed "Why is it me who has to go through all this pain? If you could just talk, you could tell the world of Oz who really did it. Make my life easier, even though it won't."

She put out the fire and went upstairs, she had a very soft bed with white trimmings. She fell to sleep within ten minutes, and the castle shut down

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