The Land Of Oz

The Land of oz before He came


5. Death In The Valley

              Ansida went home after she had her talk with her sisters. She had grabbed a cup of Poppy juice (which is not bad for you if you drink it.) She took a seat on her couch with her pet monkey, Alfredo. She later fell asleep on the couch, and woke up only and hour later. "Knock! Knock!" went the bell, Evanora was standing outside.

"Hello Ansida." 

"Hey Evanora? Why are you here?"

"I was heading out to the valley and wanted to know if you could come, so will you?"

"Uh...Um..yeah sure..Just let me get my things.."

"Okay I'll just wait here."

5 minutes later Ansida came out with her button-up coat. 

"Ready?" Evanora asked

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"haha okay." she smiled "Lets go.. With a wonderful night!" She said with a devious smile.

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