The Land Of Oz

The Land of oz before He came


4. Ansida The Great

        Ansida showed up with builder's of the south, who created more monkeys for Evanora.  "Evanora, An Theo, I have to wonder why Is Glinda the one who has to deal with all of this? Ansida asked "I kinda feel bad for the girl, I mean..she was convinced of doing something. When no one knows..who did it." Evanora replied. "She was such a good friend to Evanora, They used to hang out everyday or..It sure seemed like it." Theodora added. " me and Glinda's relationship ended..a while ago..due to issues, sometimes they really suck!" Evanora also said. 

            "Wait. you have anger issues?" Ansida asked "Since I was seven years old." Evanora Responded. "Huh. never noticed." Ansida said "She kinda just got a little angry a little while ago, as you can see that window broke." Evanora replied. "ha ha, yeah. Sometimes I can get really bad. But never enough to kill someone, thank the lord for that." Evanora exclaimed. " I better get going now!" Ansida continued. 




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