Broken Identity

When Driving Down The Highway, Savannah Encounters One Direction's Tour Bus Flipped Over . With Harry Styles Completely Intact, Savannah Takes Him Home. She Is About To Take Harry To The Hospital, Harry Thinks Savannah Is His Girlfriend. Savannah Decides To Let Him Believe It. She Kept Promising Herself To Tell Harry's Mom And Family, But She Couldn't Bring Herself To It. Then Two Years Later Harry Sees A News Report And A Picture Of Him Pops Up. Memories Come Back To Him, And Realizing, Savannah Has Been Lying, Harry Leaves. Will Harry Leave Her At The Alter Or Marry Her?


1. Chapter 1

“Drive Faster!” I Said Beeping My Horn For The Fifth Time In A Row. I Was Behind A Bus On I-79. It Was Driving About 40 Miles Per Hour In A 60 Miles Per Hour Interstate. I Couldn’t Pass It Because The Bus Was Too Big For Me To Pass It.

As We Were Coming Upon A Turn The Bus Was Speeding Up. The Bus Made A Sharp Turn And Fell Onto Its Side. No Cars Were Around. It Was Just Me And This Bus That Fell Down. Fear Entered My Body. I Soon Pulled Over And Got Out Of my Car. I Ran To The Bus Smoke Was Coming Out Of The, Well Everywhere. I Pulled My Sweater Over My Mouth And Nose And Moved My Hand Around Trying To Keep The Smoke Away From My Eyes. I Made It To The Bus And I Climbed On Top Of It Opening The Door.

I Jumped In To Find 5 Males Laying There In The Front Of The Bus Where The Driver Was. Those Five Boys Were One Direction. I Quickly Walked Over To Them And Found Out That Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn And The Driver Dead. I Gasped. They All Had Glass On Every Single Inch In There Body. I Shook Them A Couple Times. No Movement In Any Of Them. There Was No Coming Back For Them. With Glass Everywhere There Would Be No Way For Them To Survive This.

I Decided To Walk Away From The Bloody Mess. I Walked Towards The Back Of The Bus, Into One Of The Rooms. I Saw A Curly Haired Boy. Harry. He Was Breathing Little Breaths And Gasping For Breath Every Couple Of Moments. I Walked Over To Him, My Eyes  Glued On To His Chest.

I Kneeled Down And Shook Him Softly. “Harry?” I Said. His Opened Slightly. I Smiled. “Who Are You?” “Savannah.” I Replied Back To Him. “Where Am I?” He Asked. “On One Direction’s Tour Bus. You Just Crashed.” I Said. I Searched His Face For Something, Any Emotion. “Who’s One Direction?” My Mouth Dropped. He Hit His Head Hard Enough To Lose His Memory.

"What Do You Remember?" I Asked Him. "Nothing?" He Said "Is Anything Wrong With You? And Broken Bones, Head Ache?" I Asked. "No." He Said. "Alright Let's Go Then."

I Took His Hand In Mine And He Climbed Out. He Then Helped Me Out. When I Got Out I Realized That The Smoke Had Gotten Worse. It Burned My Eyes. I Looked In Harry's Direction, I Could See His Figure. It Looked Like We Were Looking In The Same Direction. "Do You Have A Car?" He Asked Me. "Yeah It's Over There. I Said Pointing Straight Ahead. He Looked Like He Nodded And Jumped Down. I Was Alone. "Hello?" I Asked. Tears Started To Prickle In My Eyes. "Harry!?" I Screamed With Fear In My Voice. "Hey I'm Over Here...Erm...Savannah" I Followed The Sound Of His Voice And I Found His Hand. I Started To Climb Down And He Grabbed My Waist Helping Me Get Down.

I Hid My Face Again Just As I Did The First Time. We Made It To My Car. I Unlocked It And We Both Came In. I Started The Car. We Drove Off Leaving The Bus Behind As Well As Liam Louis Niall And Zayn.

And Harry And I Both, Not Looking Back.

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