The Hunger Games?!

Hi. My name is Britnee and I'm in the Hunger Games. I was sent here with an obnoxious boy named Niall. My parents, Katniss and Peeta, have faith I will survive. They told me that if I "fall in love" with Niall like they did with each other, then I have a better chance of survivng... But the thing is, my cousin Liam and my friend Zayn are tributes as well. I meet Louis at some point along the way and we both have a mutual hate towards Harry... But I'm not too sure it's hate I feel towards Harry...


8. Harry

Harry's P.O.V

I watched them hug through the small window of the train door. Britnee looked so happy in his arms. So... Safe. I guess I should be happy for her, but at the same time, I hate her for it. I want her. It should be me holding her, not that idiot, Zayn. And I really don't understand why the hell she isn't chasing after me like all those other girls always have. Not just for my looks, but for my money and my family's legacy... Maybe that's why I want her so bad. Because she can see people for who they really are, not for their money or looks. No. I hate her. I, Harry Styles, am making it my personal mission to kill Zayn Malik. If I can't have her, then she can't have him.

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