The Hunger Games?!

Hi. My name is Britnee and I'm in the Hunger Games. I was sent here with an obnoxious boy named Niall. My parents, Katniss and Peeta, have faith I will survive. They told me that if I "fall in love" with Niall like they did with each other, then I have a better chance of survivng... But the thing is, my cousin Liam and my friend Zayn are tributes as well. I meet Louis at some point along the way and we both have a mutual hate towards Harry... But I'm not too sure it's hate I feel towards Harry...


3. Call Me Hazza

I groaned and turned towards the other tributes. Harry stood out immediatley, his green eyes studying my face. I turned bright red at the thought of him staring at me first. When he noticed me turn red, he walked over to me, taking long strides. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me away from the other groups. I looked back at Zayn with pleading eyes. "Help me," I mouthed to him. Harry pulled me into the train and kissed me roughly. I pulled away and slapped him hard. "What the fuck, Harry?!?! Just because you're presidents Snows son doesn't mean you get every girl you want!" I screamed at him. He smiled cheekily. "Oh Britnee, you know you liked it." I pushed him against the wall and pulled my pocket knife out, pressing it against his neck. "Try anything ever again, and this knife goes IN your skin." He gulped quietly. "Got it, bub?" He slowly brushed the knife away from his skin and rubbed the spot on his face that I hit. "It's Harry, not bub," he teased. "But you can call me Hazza." 

I rolled my eyes and left him standing in the train. Zayn looked over to me with worried eyes. "You okay?" he asked. I nodded my head, "Yeah. Everythings fine." He squeezed my hand. "Alright babe." ugh! I wish I was stuck with Zayn as my partner tribute! He was so sweet and caring and I jus- A hand brushed across my bum. I jumped and screamed, colliding with Zayns body. I heard Niall and Harry's laughter behind me. "Nice to know I can make her scream," they joked. 

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