The Hunger Games?!

Hi. My name is Britnee and I'm in the Hunger Games. I was sent here with an obnoxious boy named Niall. My parents, Katniss and Peeta, have faith I will survive. They told me that if I "fall in love" with Niall like they did with each other, then I have a better chance of survivng... But the thing is, my cousin Liam and my friend Zayn are tributes as well. I meet Louis at some point along the way and we both have a mutual hate towards Harry... But I'm not too sure it's hate I feel towards Harry...


15. Burn

"On the first page of

Our story

The future seemed 

So bright

Then this thing turned out

So evil

Dont know why I'm still surprised

Even angels have

Their wicked schemes

And you take that

To new extremes

But you'll always be

My hero 

Even though

Youve lost you mind..." 

I sang the first verse of the song in the shower, as I tried not to cry. Today was my last day in Panem. Possibly forever. We were being sent off to the game course...  Only hours away from facing certain death. I kept replaying the other day in my head, when Harry kissed me. I liked it, but I was so frightened. 


I haven't talked to Zayn in days, and I've been avoiding Niall. I met a boy named Louis after our interviews. He seemed pretty friendly, although he smelled a lot like the guy I bumped into in the hallway a while ago. I found out Louis and I both have a type of hate towards Harry.


I can't get the image of Zayns hands around Harry's neck... And the color in Zayns eyes. Just so... Dark.

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