The Hunger Games?!

Hi. My name is Britnee and I'm in the Hunger Games. I was sent here with an obnoxious boy named Niall. My parents, Katniss and Peeta, have faith I will survive. They told me that if I "fall in love" with Niall like they did with each other, then I have a better chance of survivng... But the thing is, my cousin Liam and my friend Zayn are tributes as well. I meet Louis at some point along the way and we both have a mutual hate towards Harry... But I'm not too sure it's hate I feel towards Harry...


14. Awakening... Every sense of the term.

When I woke up, Nialls arms were wrapped around me, my head was still buried in his chest, and... His morning wood bore into my leg. "Mmph- Niall get off of me," I groaned. He whined in his sleep and pulled me closer to him. I cringed away from... It, and sat up, throwing his heavy arms off of my body. "Niall, I swear to god, if you don't wake up this instant, I'll-" "You'll what?" I jumped. Where did the voice come from? I recognized it, but couldn't quite think of whose voice it was. "My dads very powerful, Britnee. He can bring people to life just as easily as he can kill them," Harry walked out of our bathroom and smirked at the scene that lay before him. "Harry I-" He walked towards me and I stood my ground. "What, Britnee? You what?" I could hear the song in my head... Skylar Grey singing Love the Way You Lie... I could see the whole scene playing out before it happened. But then it really did happen. 

Harry pushed me against the wall, and kissed me. He didn't hurt me, only a kiss. It wasn't passionate or intense, but just a small, weak peak on the lips. "Just try and remember who really loves you, okay?" I nodded my head and gulped, peeking over at Niall, who still slept on the bed. "Promise me, Britnee," he whispered. I nodded again and looked into his emerald eyes. "I promise."

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