Lola and Nikki have a difficult life. They are kind of like sisters. Nikki's mother died giving birth. Her dad died when she was 2. Lola was her best friend because her mom was friends with Nikki's. They like one direction. But there not HUGE fans, like stalker huge. They like there music and Nikki calls 'dibs' on Niall. And Lola calls 'dibs' on Harry. Haha. Ok so go on with the story! :)


2. What did you do now?

"Umm I'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about, Milisa" I said.

"oh well talk to jake! He'll know." She snarled. Then she rolled her eyes. And I had to hold my laugh in cause she looked like she was going to vomit!

"Erm Milisa? Are your eyes ok?" Lola said and I laughed so hard I couldn't breath!

"ugh!" She said in disgust and walked away. 

Me and Lola couldn't stop laughing!


*skipping to lunch cause I'm awesome like that*


we walked into the lunch room and everybody looked at me in disgust.


"what the hell are you looking at?!" Lola screamed. Then everybody looked away. 

Even though I was mad that this jake guy was spreading rumors about me I let a slight giggle escape my lips.


Millisa glared at me before saying, "OH JAKE YOU ARE SO FUNNY!" Awkwardly to loud. 

Me and Lola walked over to the table jake was sitting at.

"jake? Isn't that the girl you banged last night?" Kyle I think his name was said. Jake shifted uncomfortably 1. Because Milisa was sitting WAY to close to him. And 2. Because of the though that he so called 'banged' him.

"so did I huh?" I said.

"why is she still a virgin then?" Lola interrupted.

"umm....." He started.

"look I'm really sorry I was just lying to Milisa because I didn't want her to know I was cheating on her!" He said really fast completing his sentence, 

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