Lola and Nikki have a difficult life. They are kind of like sisters. Nikki's mother died giving birth. Her dad died when she was 2. Lola was her best friend because her mom was friends with Nikki's. They like one direction. But there not HUGE fans, like stalker huge. They like there music and Nikki calls 'dibs' on Niall. And Lola calls 'dibs' on Harry. Haha. Ok so go on with the story! :)


1. Tonight

Nikki's POV 

Ok, hi! Umm my name is Nikki Ruiz and I am 17. My birthday is on April 9, 1995. My hair urm uhh well on the top it is brown then it is black then it's purple, blue, pink, and red on my tips. And I am 5ft tall. Now Lola. Her full name is Lola Sanchez. She is 18. Her birthday is on February 1, 1994. Her hair is blond with pink and blue highlights here and there. She is 4ft 11in. We are best friends. Almost sisters but we are not blood related. We are un-normal. Haha. When I was 5 I ran into the middle of the busy street. My mom ran over and got me out of the way and she, she got hit. So it's just me, Lola, dad, and nutnut. I told you we were weird! Nutnut is our pet squirrel. Weird.


I woke up to my alarm clock. School today! Yay! No, that was sarcasm. Not that sentence. You remember! When I said yay! Yeah that was sarcasm. Ok I am confusing myself! Yay was sarcasm. Ok! 

I rushed down stairs.


"yo nik-nik! Umm how are ya feeling with a heel and a sneaker?" Lola said. I looked down at my shoes and umm well apparently I was wearing my blue heel and my orange sneaker. I laughed at my stupid mistake. I changed and grabbed my phone, purse, and my luck of the Irish key chain. Yeah I'm Irish. My dad is Irish and my mom was Spanish. So I have her last name. 

We ran out of the house and scrambled into the car. We  drove off while Call Me Maybe blasted through the speakers.

We got to the school.


i walked into the doors of the school. 


"Oh look at the slur!" Some random kid said. Since when did people start bullying me? I walked faster.


"how was banging jake?" Milisa said as her and her 'clique' walked up to me.


this is going to be a fun day!

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